La Casa del Habano
Date: 2011-08-15





    • Partagás Serie E No. 2, the 2011 new product launched by Habanos S.A. will be available in the world´s market at the end of August.
    • Serie E No. 2 is distinguished with the incorporation of 54 ring gauge in the brand and for the new design in their presentations.



Partagás, the famous brand of the Habanos, had its origins in the year 1845. Its characteristics formats, very well appreciated historically by the smokers who enjoy intense flavors. The Series will complement the range that the brand already has with the much appreciated Serie D No 4 and considered by experts as the most representative vitola.


A Partagás Habano is immediately recognized by its rich and intense flavor. The nature of its blend, made up by tobacco leaves selected  from the Vuelta Abajo Region, is of an inimitable richness and aroma.  All the Habanos are manufactured ¨Totalmente a Mano¨ con tripa larga (Long Filler Totally by Hand).



The new Partagás Serie E No.2 (54 ring gauge x140mm length) inaugurates a  new Partagas Serie,  exclusively created with a ring gauge of 54, greatest ring gauge up to now presented in parejos for this brand: as an innovation to its image, a flap to separate the cigars in the box and an exterior lithographed piece of paper has been added to make the wooden boxes of the brand more easily identifiable in the outlets.


Serie E No 2 will be available with two presentations in boxes (SBN) (Semi boite Nature) of 25 & 5 units.



Serie E no.2 will be available in  the world´s market at the end of August.



Marca: Partagás
Vitola de Salida: Serie E No 2   
Vitola de Galera: Duke
Medidas: 54 ring gauge (21,43mm)  x largo 140 mm in length
Presentaciones: Semi boite nature (SBN) - 25 units and Semi boite nature (SBN)-   5 units



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