IX Festival del Habano

Prices ofr activities

  • Welcome Night $200.00 CUC
  • Visit to Plantations $75.00 CUC
  • International Seminar $300.00 CUC
  • Visit to Habanos Factory “El Laguito” $10.00 CUC
  • Distributors’ Night dedicated to Habanos Cuban Market $175.00 CUC
  • Gala Dinner $500.00 CUC
  • FULL PROGRAM (Full Package) $1,260.00 CUC

The full package will have a discount of 10%.

Important: DEADLINE for the Festival Social Activities.

For having a better organization of the festival social activities we need to receive the request of them until February 2nd, 2007. After that date, any request will accept.

Payment by bank transfer will be accepted until February 12, 2007.

The requests for the Welcome Night will be in force until Monday February 26th, 2007, 12.00 m. After this time, we’ll proceed with “last minute” sale, of those requests not previously payed.

The request for the Distributor Night will be in force until Wednesday February 28th, 2007, 12.00m. After this time, we’ll proceed with “last minute” sale, of those requests not previously payed.

The request for the Farewell Night will be in force until Thursday March 1st, 2007, 12.00 m. After this time, we’ll proceed with “last minute” sale, of those requests not previously payed.

CONTACT KEYS: (for reservation of program and activities):

Mrs. Alina Leal
Habanos S.A. Corporation
Marketing and Publicity
Phone. (537) 204-0513 y 204-0514 / Fax: (537) 204 0549
Email: aleal@habanos.cu

Payment policy:

According to the provision for currency exchange issued by Banco Nacional de Cuba, in force in the Republic of Cuba, the payment policy for the 8th Habanos Festival will be as follow:

1. Cash Payments: They will only be accepted in CUC (convertible Cuban pesos).

2. Bank transfers: They will only be accepted in EUROS, at the exchange rate in force on the 30th day of the month before that in which the bank transfer is issued, taking as a reference the European Central Bank. In all cases, this value will be given by Habanos S.A. (DEADLINE FOR PAYMENT BY BANK TRANSFER: February 12, 2007).

3. Debits (Discounts) due to bank transfers will be borne in each case by the Party proceeding payment thereof. Habanos S.A will not assume discounts by bank transfers of the issuing bank and must receive the complete payment (without bank discounts) of the activity that has been bought or of the full package, as the case may be.

4. Participants from United States of America will have two choices for cash payments; as follows:

a) On their arrival in Cuba, the USD dollars must be exchanged to CUC (convertible Cuban pesos).

b) They could acquire Euros in their country and exchange them for CUC on their arrival in Cuba.

5. Payments through Credit Cards: Payments through credit cards backed by American banks or their branches will not be accepted. Credit cards will only be accepted: VISA, Master Card, CABAL, TRAVEL CARD, DELIVERY CARD, BF, RED AND SERCUBA.

6. Credit Cards supported by Northamerican Banks will not be accepted.

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