V Festival del Habano

Trade Fair

At the Commercial Fair, the exhibitors will be able to sell their products to the public according to the established regulations. Also, they will be able to carry out promotion activities in coordination with the Organizing Committee.

Reception of participation applications: January 31 2003 (deadline)
Assembly date: 22 at February 24 the 2003
Realization date: 25 at February 28 the 2003
Disassembly date: 28 (T) at March 2 the 2003

The Commercial Fair will be carried out in the central lobby of the Havana International Conference Center , facilitate the visit to the same of the participants in the Seminar and in the Competition Habanosommelier.

Opening of the Commercial Fair:
It will be carried out on February 25 (Tuesday), at 12:00 m o’clock, in the delegates entrance of the International Conference Center.

Participation categories in the Commercial Fair

– Exhibitor
The exhibitor enterprises will be able to credit up to three exhibitors per stand. Exhibitors Rights: Of the three exhibitors that each exhibitor enterprise can accreditate, only two will be entitled to participate at the Welcome Night and at the Farewell Lunch; the third one should pay these activities for separate if he wishes to attend. In all cases, they will receive the Festival documentation and they will be able to attend the scientific sessions. Also, they will receive 5 daily invitations for stand to visit the Commercial Fair, exempt of payment.

– Additional Exhibitor
Each additional credential will have a value of USD 150.00.
Additional Exhibitors Rights: Participation at the Welcome Night and at the Farewell Lunch; and also, they will receive the Festival documentation.

Invitations sale
The invitations to visit the Fair will be acquired at the Festival Accreditation Desk, starting from Tuesday 25, for a value of USD 25.00 for the four days.

Exhibitors Catalogue
The International Conference Center will take the responsibility with the making
and edition of the exhibitors catalog. To figure in the catalog, it will be sent to the International Conference Center the data and logo of the represented company, and the relationship of articles, products or marks that will be exposed. The date limit to receive this information will be up to January 31, 2003. The advertising announcements in the catalog will be charged of agreement with the established rates for each case and they will gather the following parameters:
Format 15,2 x 21,5 cm, ready for printing (Photolito or Final Art):
1 color USD 100.00
2 colors USD 300.00
4 colors or more USD 600.00

Contract and Participation Application
The contract of space leasing and participation application will be formalized directly at the International Conference Center in Havana, with not less than thirty days before the beginning of the Fair.

Furniture and Services Application
In the module Participation Application, is necessary to specify the furniture and the services required by the exhibitor, as well as the outline of the stand for the assembly. The specialists and negotiators will be able to reserve modular stands or spaces for free design. The date limit for the shipment of this information will be up to January 31, 2003.

Modular Stands or Spaces Prices:
Modular stand: 110.00 USD x m2. (minimum area: 9 m2)
Interior space: 80.00 USD x m2. (minimum area: 9 m2)
Assistant’s recruiting for stand assembly: 15.00 USD x hour.

Payment Forms of the Stands
At the moment to confirm its reservation, the exhibitor will pay 50% of the value of the space, services and hired furniture. The remaining 50% will be paid at its arrival to Havana, at the International Conference Center. The interested ones will be able to carry out their stand reservation up to the January 31, 2003. They will be able to contract the furniture services not hired previously, at the International Conference Center at the moment of the assembly. Payments will be at cash or credit cards.

The sample expositiva will be open to the visitors in the following schedules:
Tuesday February 25 09:00 – 17:00
Wednesday February 26 09:00 – 17:00
Thursday February 27 09:00 – 17:00
Friday March 28 09:00 – 12:00

Samples Expositivas: Tariff agency and it would Traffic of the Havana International Center. Contact: Mrs. Violeta Rodríguez / Tel. 53 7 208 4398 / Email: violeta@palco.cu

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