VII Festival del Habano

Trade Fair

The Habano Festival is the most important meeting that Habanos, S.A., and the Group of Tobacco Enterprises (Tabacuba) hold each year. The Festival seeks to give participants a harmonious atmosphere that combines the classical, traditional and modern: luxury, exquisiteness, beauty and pleasure.

All of the exclusive distributors of Habanos, S.A.; cigar makers; and suppliers of the tobacco industry will participate.

Held in Havana’s International Conference Center, the 7th Festival will celebrate the following anniversaries of its world-famous brands:

  • 160th anniversary of the launching of Partagás,
  • 140th anniversary of the launching of Hoyo de Monterrey,
  • 130th anniversary of the launching of Romeo y Julieta and
  • 70th anniversary of the launching of Montecristo.

The Trade Fair is an inseparable part of the Festival, an ideal opportunity for businessmen to exchange views with producers and suppliers of luxury products related to Habanos-such as drinks and coffee-and with the members of smoking clubs all over the world.

The 7th Trade Fair will be held simultaneously with the Seminar and will be an excellent setting for technical and commercial exchanges and for the promotion of new products.

The Fair will be sponsored by Habanos, S.A.; the Group of Tobacco Enterprises (Tabacuba); and Havana’s International Conference Center, which will also organize and host the Fair. They invite you to take advantage of this ideal opportunity to exhibit your products as part of the program of the Seminar; you will be given every facility to carry out your negotiations.

The Fair will be inaugurated at 10 a.m. on February 23, 2005, and will be open to visitors from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. on February 23 and 24 and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on February 25.

During the Fair, exhibitors may sell their products to the public and-after coordinating this with the Organizing Committee-hold promotional activities.

Exhibitors will pay a 20-percent commission on their gross income from sales to the International Conference Center. The designs of the exhibiting firms’ stands should reflect their direct or indirect relationship to tobacco products and their links with high-quality, exclusive, luxury products.

Official Languages

English, French and Spanish


Category: Exhibitor

Exhibiting firms will be entitled to have one or two exhibitors accredited per stand.

Exhibitors’ Rights

Exhibitors will be entitled to a welcome cocktail, participation in the Seminar, a copy of the Catalogue of Exhibitors and a farewell lunch.

The Organizing Committee will give each exhibitor five permanent invitations-for guests of interest to the exhibitor-at no charge.

Category: Extra exhibitor

Every additional credential will cost 150 convertible Cuban pesos.

Extra Exhibitors’ Rights

Extra exhibitors will be entitled to a welcome cocktail, participation in the Seminar and a farewell lunch.

Credentials for Visitors

Credentials for visiting the Fair may be acquired at the Credentials Bureau at the Fair after the stands have been put up. Each visitor’s credential will cost 25 convertible Cuban pesos. Visitors with credentials may visit the Trade Fair as soon as it has been inaugurated.

Catalogue of Exhibitors

If you wish to be included in the Catalogue of Exhibitors, send the Organizing Committee the data on and logo of the company you represent and a list of the articles, products and/or brands you will exhibit early enough to reach us before January 15, 2005.

Inclusion in the Catalogue of Exhibitors with an entry of ten lines or less will be free. Five convertible Cuban pesos will be charged for every additional line. Habanos, S.A., and the International Conference Center cannot promise to include business data on exhibiting firms in the Catalogue if the information isn’t received before the deadline given above.

Ads published in the Catalogue must meet the following requisites:

  • Format: 6 x 8.5 inches (15.2 x 21.5 centimeters)
  • Ready for printing (photolith or final art)
  • 1 color: 100 convertible Cuban pesos
  • 2 colors: 300 convertible Cuban pesos 4 or more colors: 600 convertible Cuban pesos

Contracts and Requests for Participation

If you want to participate in the 7th Habano Trade Fair, confirm your request to do so when you arrive at Havana’s International Conference Center. Requests for participation will be accepted up to January 31, 2005.

Contracts for renting space and requests for participation will be legalized at Havana’s International Conference Center at least 45 days before the opening of the Fair.

Requests for Furniture and Services

On your request for participation blank, specify what furniture and services you will need, plus the design of your stand-for assembly. Specialists and negotiators may reserve modular stands or spaces for free design. The Organizing Committee must receive this information on or before January 31, 2005.

Stands will be put up on February 19, 20 and 21 and taken down on February 26 and 27, 2005.

Reducing the Space Contracted for or Rescinding the Contract

If an exhibitor should decide to reduce the space contracted for or to rescind his contract, he must inform the Organizing Committee of this decision in writing and will be reimbursed as follows:

50 percent of the total value if he informs the Organizing Committee of this decision between January 31 and February 9;
no refund if he doesn’t inform the Organizing Committee of this decision until February 10 or later.
Themes for exhibitors to consider include the following: smokers’ accessories, machinery and other equipment for the tobacco industry, packaging and crating, tobacco in culture and the arts, personal collections, other luxury articles linked to smoking, alcoholic beverages, and foods that are directly or indirectly related to the world of smoking.


Manufacturers and marketers of products related to tobacco and its derivatives
Manufacturers and marketers of articles for smokers (cigarette lighters, humidors, cigar clippers, ashtrays, pipes, leather goods, etc.)
Manufacturers and distributors of machinery and other equipment for the tobacco industry
Manufacturers and distributors of fertilizers and other products that are used in agriculture and the tobacco industry
Manufacturers and distributors of packages and crates for tobacco products
Artists and artcraftsmen
Publishers of specialty tobacco publications
Manufacturers of luxury articles linked to smoking

Stand Costs

Modular stand: 12.00 convertible Cuban pesos per square foot (130.00 convertible Cuban pesos per square meter)
Minimum space: 97 square feet (9 square meters)
Inside space: 9.30 convertible Cuban pesos per square foot (100.00 convertible Cuban pesos per square meter)
Minimum space: 97 square feet (9 square meters)
Assistant for putting up the stand and taking it down: 15.00 convertible Cuban pesos per hour

Forms of Payment for Stands

You should make a down payment of 50 percent of the cost of the space, services and furniture covered in your contract when you confirm your reservation. The remaining 50 percent should be paid on your arrival at Havana’s International Conference Center.

All stand reservations should be made on or before January 31, 2005.

You can rent additional furniture (not covered in your contract) from the International Conference Center when putting up your stand.

Payment should be in convertible Cuban pesos (CUC), the official currency in circulation in Cuba.

Convertible Cuban pesos are par with US dollars and can be obtained after your arrival in Cuba-at the airport, in any hotel, at the conference center, in any bank and at CADECA money-exchange offices.

The following currencies are exchanged: Canadian dollars, euros, Swiss francs and British pounds sterling, all at the international exchange rate in effect on the day you exchange them.

If you want to exchange US dollars, a 10-percent fee will be charged. This fee will not be charged when you exchange convertible Cuban pesos back into your original currency or if you use an acceptable means of payment other than cash.

You may also pay by Visa, MasterCard, Cabal or Visa Electrón credit cards if they have not been issued by a US bank or one of its branches. If you pay with a credit card, the 10-percent fee will not be charged.


The samples that will be exhibited in the Fair should be sent to the following address:



Apartado 16046, Zona 16
Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba

Documentation and Declaration of Merchandise

Every exhibitor should give the transportation agency his Customs statement, in which he lists the articles that will be exhibited and states which of them are for sale, which are promotional articles and which are gifts. This statement should be faxed to the International Conference Center before the end of January 2005, so the Conference Center can get the samples that are to be exhibited through Customs.

The transportation agency will be in charge of storing the samples, which will be opened in the presence of the exhibitor.

Official Transportation Agency for the Fair

The Palco Agency is the official agency for transporting the goods that will be exhibited in the Trade Fair and for moving them through Customs. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for transporting, handling or paying Customs duty on merchandise that is brought to the Fair through other agencies.

For detailed information on when the merchandise and documents required for its shipping should be sent and the terms and conditions of payment, contact the Palco Agency:

Agencia Palco (Palco Agency)

Exposiciones Asociadas
Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana
Tel.: (537) 208-6111
Fax: (537) 202-8382
E-mail: lianet@palco.cu
Other Services


  • Photography
  • The cost of cleaning the stands is included in the price of renting the space.


The award-winners in the Trade Fair will be announced in the closing ceremony, which will be held in the Conference Hall of the International Conference Center, at 12:30 p.m. on February 25.

The Organizing Committee of the Festival and a specialized jury will select the winners. The awards will be presented by VIPs in the Cuban tobacco sector and by Habanos, S.A., officials.

Awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Award and diploma for the best free design
  • Award and diploma for the most popular stand
  • Award and diploma for the best modular stand

Gala Dinner
The Gala Dinner will be the high point of this celebration. The famous Habano Man of the Year awards will be presented during the dinner, and the traditional benefit auction (the proceeds go to Cuba’s public health system) will be held.

This year, no more than 800 dinner reservations can be accepted. The price is 500 convertible Cuban pesos per person.

The Organizing Committee will not accept any requests for participation in the dinner that are received after January 31, 2005.

General Information

Payment Policy

In line with the regulations of the National Bank of Cuba governing money exchanges-regulations that went into effect in the Republic of Cuba on October 23, 2004-the payment policy for the 7th Habano Festival is as follows:

  • Payments in cash: All payments in cash must be made in convertible Cuban pesos.
  • Bank transfers: Only bank transfers in euros will be accepted, at the rate of exchange that was in effect on the 30th of the month prior to the one in which the bank transfer is made, taking the European Central Bank as reference. In all cases, Habanos, S.A., will establish this value.
  • Discounts for bank transfers will, in each case, be assumed by the party making the payment.
  • Debits (discounts) for bank transfers will, in each case, be assumed by the party making the payment. Habanos, S.A., will not assume the debits for transfers from the sending bank.
  • The Organizing Committee should receive the whole payment (without any bank discounts) for the activity purchased or the complete package, as the case may be.
  • Participants from the United States will have two options for paying-in cash or with a credit card. If you don’t select one of them, you will have to pay the 10-percent fee established in the regulations of the National Bank of Cuba mentioned above if you want to exchange your US dollars for convertible Cuban pesos in Cuba. The two options we suggest are as follows:
  • You can acquire euros in your country of origin and exchange them for convertible Cuban pesos without having to pay any fee after your arrival in Cuba.
  • You can pay with a credit card, if it is not issued by a US bank or one of its branches.
  • Option valid until January 31, 2005.

This deadline is not applicable if you want to participate only in the Gala Dinner and make a reservation for a stand (see information about the Fair). Gala Dinner and stand reservations must be made on or before January 31, 2005.

Credit Cards

Visa, MasterCard and Cabal credit cards are accepted if they were not issued by a US bank or one of its branches. In addition, Banco Financiero Internacional (International Finance Bank) credit cards are accepted for payments made in Cuba.

Those who use this method of payment should provide the information requested in the Registration Blank (below).

Option valid until January 31, 2005.

Registration Blank

Street address:
State or province and country:


General Information

Habanos, S.A.
Organizing Committee
7th Habano Festival
Calle 3ra no. 2006, e/ 20 y 22, Miramar, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
Tel.: (537) 33-9509
Fax: (537) 33-8946
E-mail: lmalvarez@habanos.cu

Trade Fair

Mrs. Violeta Rodríguez
Specialist in Advertising and Associated Exhibits
Palacio de Convenciones
Tel.: (537) 208-4398
Fax: (537) 202-8382
Telex: 511609 palco cu
E-mail: violeta@palco.cu

Agencia Palco Transportista (Palco Transportation Agency)

Exposiciones Asociadas (Associated Exhibits)
Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana (International ConferenceCenter)
Tel.: (537) 208-6111
Fax: (537) 202-8382
Telex: 511609 palco cu
E-mail: lianet@palco.cu


Alicia García, Professional Conference Organizer
International Conference Center
Apartado 16046, Zona 16, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
Tel.: (537) 208-5199
Fax: (537) 202-8382
Telex: 51-1609 palco cu
E-mail: aliciag@palco.cu

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