XV Festival del Habano

Concurso Fotografía


The contest will have a single category for awarding the best works featuring everything related to the world of the Habano, the tobacco agriculture, the making of Habanos and the way of life proper of their consumption.

The works reflecting aspects of agriculture and/or of the industrial phase of the Habanos production must have been photographed in Cuba, exclusively.

There are no restrictions as to the date when the photos in contest were made.


Contest is open to all photographers from any country, whether professionals or amateurs, regardless of the place of their current residence.

Photographers under 18 years of age may participate as well, but in case the work of some of them is selected for the contest, they must submit express authorization of their parents or tutors.

It will not be allowed to admit for the contest works by deceased artists presented by third parties, works by members of Jury or Habanos, S.A. workers or their relatives up to the third degree of kinship. Works made by more than one author are admitted.


The Jury, made up by specialists from the photographic and artistic circles and from the world of Habanos, will be entrusted with choosing the photos selected in each category to integrate the exhibition which will be presented during the 15th Habanos Festival.


Presentation of works: Works will be presented for the Prize from the date when this calling is released until January 30, 2013.

  • Notice of Acceptance: February 5, 2013.
  • Notice of Prizes: during the closing of the Festival.
  • Exhibition of the works: February 26, 2013 – March 2, 2013, International Convention Center “Palacio de Convenciones”, La Habana, Cuba.

Works sent after the closing date for presentation according to the schedule established by the present Rules will not be taken into consideration.


HABANOS, S.A. convokes to the First Edition of its Habanos in Images 2013 Prize of Photography. The purpose is to contribute to the dissemination of tobacco culture all way long in all its stages of cultivation, processing, making and final consumption.


The present RULES will govern the calling, selection of works and judging, organization and operational guidelines of the First Edition of the Habanos in Images 2013 Prize of Photography, organized by Habanos, S.A.


The works shall be sent in digital format through the e-mail address cphoto59@ymail.com


The decisions and verdicts of the Jury may not be objected and are not subject to appeal.


The Jury will grant the following prizes:
Grand Prix
First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize

In addition to the above, the Jury may grant honorific mentions (diplomas), if it estimates there are works with sufficient merits to deserve such distinction.

The prizes cannot be declared void. To the above-mentioned prizes will be eventually added those granted by some persons, enterprises, institutions and public or private entities.


The works distinguished with the PRIZES will automatically become part of the copyright of Habanos, S.A., which may use them always when the author’s name is provided.

It will be understood that all participants, by their sole participation in the contest, accept these Rules and Bases and declare that the presented works are of their property and that they possess their exclusive copyright.

The participants authorize the reproduction of their photos in catalogues, posters, banners, postcards, publications and in the Internet, if it is done with marketing purposes or for the promotion of this contest with its resulting exhibitions.

This use is authorized by the participant for a maximum period of two years from the announcement of the selected works and prizes, and without implying any payment to the photographer or to persons appearing in the photos. The photographers will receive credit in each publication and authorize HABANOS, S.A. to sub-license their photos selected in the contest to the press for their reproduction in connection with the contest and its exhibitions.

The Organizing Committee of the Contest reserves the right to reject and remove from the contest photos containing defamatory and obscene images with some pornographic content, or those that may be considered a criminal offense or may violate any law in force in Cuba. All cases not foreseen in these Rules will be solved by the Organizing Committee of the Contest.


In order to be included in the First Edition of the Habanos in Images 2013 Prize of Photography organized by Habanos, S.A., the photos must comply with the following technical specifications:

  1. Only digital images will be admitted, understanding as such images resulting from a photo made with a digital camera or scanned from negative or paper.
  2. The digital photos must be JPEG files, 300 dpi resolution and not exceeding 20 Mega.
  3. The authors, if they prefer so, may hand in their works personally in CD or USB at the Habanos, S.A. offices, contacting Mr. Ricardo Salas or any other member of the Organizing Committee, provided they do it within the established term and the corresponding technical requirements.
  4. The file name shall contain a maximum of 25 characters, excluding .jpg, and can not include characters such as #, $, &, dots or other special characters. They may contain low or middle dashes (_ -). The file name may only contain one dot, immediately before the jpg extension (.jpg).
  5. The file name must have the following structure: Last name, initial of the first name, work title.jpg (Example: Rodriguez_P_La vega.jpg) The member of the Jury will have no access to the author’s name, only to the work’s title.
  6. The photographer will identify his work or works with a TITLE. Untitled Works will not be admitted, due to the inconveniences they cause for the purposes of filing and cataloguing. Each work must be accompanied by a DESCRIPTION or written text, with an extension that will not exceed one paragraph of 100 words or 550 characters giving the concise information on the photographed persons, places or their context. For example: country, province or region, city or town, names of the person/persons involved or any other concrete, substantial information.
  7. The author’s personal data will be requested at the moment of his registration, before sending his digital files electronically, to be kept in a database. The data to be sent for registration is:

Name and Last Names
Title of the work(s) in contest

Said information will be treated confidentially. The e-mail addresses or any other personal data will only be used to contact the participants, and will not be transmitted to third persons without explicit authorization of the participant.

The registration request, as well as the personal data of the creators, including the work’s title will be submitted to the Organizing Committee of the 15th Habanos Festival at the following address: rsalas@habanos.cu indicating in the subject: Habanos in Images 2013.

448 thoughts on “Concurso Fotografía

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