XV Festival del Habano


logofestival2013Habanos, s.a. congratulates itself: the Habanos Festival reaches its 15th Anniversary. And although the Auction of the Habanos Humidor took place for the fi rst time in 1994, it is also a good occasion to celebrate this event that by its own right has become one of the most important moments of the Habanos Festival.

Once more, the humidor lots of this auction pay tribute to the world best-known Habanos brands: CohibaMontecristoPartagásRomeo y JulietaHoyo de Monterrey and H. Upmann.  The humidors that form these lots are work of art for two important reasons that make them unique pieces: for what they keep inside and for their external beauty. On their inside they treasure an exquisite selection of flagship vitolas that were and still are the most sought-after; others that sometime were exclusive, as well as the vitolas that always are memorable, the most famous.

All Habanos contained in the humidors of this Auction were made by the best cigar rollers of the factory of the headquarters of each brand, participating the most expert master blenders in the preparation of the blend. In the same way, the most experienced quality specialists of Habanos, s.a. participated in their selection. We hope that all the work and skill of those who dedicated their experience to achieve the making of these works of art will be appreciated and enjoyed by the persons who so generously participate in this auction.

Once more, Tabacuba and Habanos, s.a. express their gratitude to all the participants for their contribution to the health of the Cuban people, since the revenue raised here will be all donated to the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba: a gesture of generosity and humanity from all of you, the eternal enthusiasts of the Habano.

We also appreciate the collaboration of those institutions and artists who have made it possible to celebrate this event, as well as of all those persons who contributed by donating their unique work of art to make more valuable the lots of this auction. Our gratitude to all of them.

Thank you very much.

pdf-iconDownload Aution Catalog (PDF)


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