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Cohiba Atmosphere Cancún

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Hotel Iberostar Cancún, Retorno Lacandones, Section-A Km 17, Cancún, México

Smoking allowed
Smoking lounge and terrace

Importadora y Exportadora de Puros y Tabacos, S.A. DE C.V. (I.E.P.T.)

Lovers of the best cigars in the world: the Habanos, already have in Cancun the luxury and distinction only a COHIBA ATMOSPHERE can offer. Opened on February the 2nd, 2012, it is located within the Hotel Iberostar Cancun, a world famous hotel chain. The location in the hotel zone of Cancun is Retorno Lacandones, Section-A Km 17. This was the place chosen to open this space dedicated to the world-famous Habanos. Local politicians, show business people and Habanos fans witnessed the inaugural ribbon cutting in this exclusive place.

Besides offering to the public a variety of brands and cigars, the COHIBA ATMOSPHERE CANCUN also has a smoking lounge for those who want to stay enjoying the environment that creates a good cigar. Their facilities are excellent and have in addition a smoking room with a large humidor that is part of the concept “Walking Humidor”, where you can see the care with which cigars are kept in temperature and humidity controlled to maintain quality, flavor and exquisite flavors.

All good smoker must have the necessary items to enjoy a cigar with all the senses, that is why in addition to the COHIBA ATMOSPHERE Habanos CANCUN makes available to its customers smoking articles such as special boxes, travel humidors, cigar cutters , lighters and ashtrays with high quality and exclusive design. These are just some of the products on offer. Definitely it is a place for connoisseurs.