Nov 27, 2020. The Exclusive Distributor of for the Middle East, Africa and Europe, Phoenicia T.A.A Cyprus Ltd, has granted the Habanos Specialist status to the [...]
Nov 24, 2020. Due to the global context we are living, Habanos, S.A. has decided to cancel the 23rd  Habano Festival scheduled for February 2021. The company, [...]
Nov 24, 2020. Fifth Avenue Products Trading-GmbH, the exclusive distributor of Habanos for Germany, Austria and Poland, presents this launch at an event that [...]
Nov 17, 2020. On November 10th, 2020 the Habanos Night was held in Shanghai organized by Infifon HK, Exclusive Distributor for in China. The event took place [...]
Nov 17, 2020. In 2020, Coprova, the exclusive distributor of in France and Monaco, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Since 1970, the company hasn’t left to [...]
Nov 6, 2020. Phoenicia Company T.A.A Cyprus, Exclusive Distributor of for the Middle East, Africa and some countries in Europe, has granted the status of [...]
Nov 6, 2020. From October 22nd to 24th 2020 was celebrated in Mexico the 7th Habanos Day organized by Importadora y Exportadora de Puros y Tabacos S.A. de [...]
Nov 6, 2020. In late September, Kaliman Caribe, Exclusive Distributor for in Bulgaria and slav territories presented a unique show of thin Habanos shapes at [...]
Nov 3, 2020. At the beginning of the new business season, the new Habanos Specialist joined the retail chain of Kaliman Caribe, Exclusive Distributor for in [...]
Nov 3, 2020. Quai D´Orsay Senadores Limited Edition 2019, French chic of Cuban origin, made its debut in front of Bulgarian cigar aficionados and deservedly [...]
Nov 3, 2020. Last october 30th, 2020, it was celebrated in Beijing the 20th Anniversary of Habano sales in China, by its Exclusive Distributor Infifon HK Ltd. [...]
Oct 23, 2020. This year 2020 celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the Diplomatic Relations between Cuba and China, Cambodia and Vietnam. The Pacific Cigar Co, [...]
Oct 16, 2020. During the 10th anniversary of Moscow Aficionados Club Festival, last October 10th, the presentation of the first Jar of the Habanos limited [...]
Oct 13, 2020. The Trinidad Robustos Extra Travel Humidor will be one of the main attractions from the Virtual Travel Retail Expo 2020, held from October 12th [...]
Oct 6, 2020. The first and unique La Casa del Habano in Porto celebrates its first anniversary.This year La Casa del Habano Porto joins, with immense pride, [...]
Oct 1, 2020. Habanos Terrace, one of the new concept developed by Habanos, S.A. is clearly showed in the German region of North Rhine-Westphalia. 5th Avenue [...]
Sep 24, 2020. When something is exceptional, you value the time it has taken to come to life. It is a philosophy and approach that has always been at the heart [...]
Aug 27, 2020. Allones No. 2 is the third Limited Edition of the prestigious Habanos Ramón Allones brand This new release was presented at an event held by [...]
Aug 14, 2020. La Casa del Habano Berlin II has kicked off operations in the German capital amidst the regulations and restrictions imposed to combat the global [...]
Aug 14, 2020. On July 30th 2020, a new and exclusive Cohiba Atmosphere, located on the outskirts of this cosmopolitan city begins its opening. To celebrated, [...]
Aug 6, 2020. We have received the sad news of Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler passed away, after a long and painful illness. Eusebio Leal was the Havana’s historian [...]
Aug 4, 2020. EMPOR S.A., the Exclusive Distributor of Habanos, S.A. in Portugal, revealed in July 2020, the name of the first space in Portugal to be [...]
Jul 28, 2020. A new Cohiba Atmosphere has become a jewel for aficionados in the heart of Nicosia – Cyprus. One can feel a unique and almost mystical emotion [...]
Jun 23, 2020. The Habanos brand JLP, is presented with a new and more modern image. The logo is simplified and combined with the actual design of the bands and [...]
Jun 2, 2020. Habanos, S. A., in its official account of instagram has encouraged to almost 100.000 followers under the hashtags #habanosathome and [...]
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Mar 2, 2020. The event welcomed 1,200 guests and hosted the Habanos Awards as well as the traditional Humidors Auction The famous singer Gloria Gaynor [...]
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Feb 26, 2020. La Casa del Habano, the Habanos, S.A. international network of franchised specialist stores present in more than 60 countries, celebrates its [...]
Feb 24, 2020. Habanos, S.A. maintains its global leadership of premium cigars in the markets in which it operates, with a 2% growth at a constant exchange rate [...]
Feb 17, 2020. Distinction, refinement and high-level golf participation, were the ingredients of the success of the first Habanos Golf Cup tournament, held on [...]
Feb 14, 2020. A great gift to lovers was offered on November 28th, 2019. In the center of the Old Town of Panama City, a new opened its doors. Tropical Cigars [...]
Feb 13, 2020. 60 Years Anniversary of the Diplomatic relation Cyprus – Cuba85th Anniversary of Montecristo On the evening of 4th of February, 2020 Phoenicia [...]
Feb 13, 2020.   Havana is getting ready to host the XXII Habanos Festival, which will begin on the 24th of February with a big Welcome Evening, and will [...]
Jan 17, 2020. In Curaçao, during November 22nd and 23rd 2019 Caribbean Habanos Days was held for the second year. The participants had once again, the [...]
Jan 16, 2020. A new Habanos Specialist, called No.6 Cavendish, has opened its doors in the heart of London’s West End. The new shop has two walk-in humidors, [...]
Jan 15, 2020. On January 8, 2020, the first Habanos Specialist store in Hanoi was officially opened. Attending the launch of this store were Ms. Lianys Torres [...]
Jan 15, 2020. Over the years, Habanos Nights – the special night dedicated to Cuban cigars – has become firmly established as a long-awaited event for all [...]
Jan 15, 2020. In the run-up to the Christmas holidays, Cohiba Atmosphere Sofia celebrated two years of continued success, atmospheric emotions and a shared [...]
Jan 8, 2020. Two new vitolas of the Trinidad brand showcased at the annual night dedicated to the Habanos masterpieces 5 December 2019. Kaliman Caribe [...]
Jan 8, 2020. The Company Phoenicia T.A.A Cyprus, Exclusive Distributor of Habanos S.A.  for the Middle East, Africa and the countries Greece, Malta, Turkey, [...]
Jan 6, 2020. Cuba Cigar, S.L.U., Exclusive Distributor of in the Canary Islands, has recognized “El Rincón del Fumador” with the category of Habanos [...]