Cuaba Especial Cabinet

especuaba_1The Habanos’ lovers will soon have the chance to acquire a new and a very exclusive production for their enjoyment: the CUABA CABINET.

The Cuaba brand- one of the last new brands presented by Habanos s.a to the smokers worldwide- was launched in 1996 and conceived thinking of those smokers who are lovers of exquisiteness. Its four current sizes (vitolas) retake the ” doble figurado” formats ( tapered in both edges) which were highly demanded centuries ago.

especuaba_2Its name, Cuaba, comes from the terminology used by the Tainian indians who inhabited Cuba when the Island was discovered by Christopher Columbus. It describes a native shrub which is characterized by an excellent combustibility and was especially used to light the cigars during the religious ceremonies.

The new cabinets are cedar made , the Cuaba´s emblem – carved by Cuban artisans- being added. They contain ten cigars: five Distinguidos and five Salomones.

especuaba_3These two vitolas are also very exclusive “doble figurados” formats that do not exist in the brand´s normal range of vitolas.

On this ocassion, this Habanos´ Special Series will only have 600 reserved cabinets and can be found at the “La Casa del Habano” shops all over the world.