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The World of the Habano Book Hits the Stands in German, French, Dutch and Italian

 As a must-have text for Habano specialists and enthusiasts, and for those that have recently became attracted by that world, for people that loves culture and tradition, The World of Habano book has been distributed both in Spanish and English languages, but also in German, French, Dutch and [...]

“THE WORLD OF THE HABANO”, new and essential book for habano enthusiasts

The new book including all essential information on Habanos and its brands has just been published in Spanish and English. The new book “The World of the Habano”, with contents prepared by prestigious specialists from Cuba and from the rest of the world, will be available in the [...]

New Habanos booklet

Habanos s.a has just published “Cultivating a tradition of perfection”, made with the help of many people who, both in Cuba and abroad, esteem and cherish the world of Habanos. This book describes in detail all that goes into the making of a Habano, from the planting of the tobacco to the [...]