Tag: Habanos Special Productions

Habanos at the Cannes fair 2009

Once again Habanos s.a. is present in the world famous Duty Free and Travel Retail Cannes Exhibition with an exclusive product: The Porcelain Jar Serie P No.1 from Partagás. A product exclusively designed for the Habanos-loving traveller who will be able to enjoy 25 Habanos Serie P No.1 (girth [...]

2008 Habanos Collection is dedicated to Cohiba

The size selected is a Sublimes Extra. The renowned Habanos Collection series is exclusively aimed to Casas del Habano worldwide. Havana, April 2008. Sublimes Extra is the vitola chosen by Habanos s.a. for the Cohiba Habanos Collection. As usual this case resembles a book and it represents the [...]

Montecristo B Humidor

Habanos s.a. is proud to introduce the Montecristo B: A legendary size as the brand itself. Produced in limited quantities through the years, Montecristo B has always found a special place amongst the lovers of the brand. Montecristo is the best known and probably the most appreciated brand of [...]

Guayasamin Humidor

Corporacion Habanos s.a. is proud to present the Guayasamin Humidor, result of the timeless friendship relation between two great men and their faith in human nature. When the Equatorian artist Oswaldo Guayasamin paint the 4th portrait of Fidel as a present for his 70th birthday, a wonderful [...]

Réplica Humidor Antiguo de Partagás

Habanos s.a. is pleased to present the Partagás’ Ancient Humidor which is the result of the skilled hands of Cuban craftsmen. Exclusively aimed to Casas del Habano worldwide, it’s a duplicate of a stunning and elegant humidor which was supposedly sold during the first decade of the 20th [...]

H.Upmann Habanos Collection Case

Habanos s.a. will launch the Habanos Collection to the world market. As usual this case resembles a book that has resulted from the expert hands and great skill of Cuban craftsmen. Volume No. 7 of the Habanos Collection, dedicated this time to the prestigious H. Upmann brand, will be launched [...]

H.Upmann Travel Humidor

Habanos s.a. is pleased to introduce another product exclusively made for the Travel Retail and Duty Free channel: The H.Upmann Travel Humidor. Last year the Montecristo Travel Humidor was a hit among Habanos-loving frequent flyers. Its beautiful design became a favourite choice for smokers [...]

Partagas 160th Anniversary Humidor

Habanos S.A. wants to introduce to the aficionados the Partagás 160th Anniversary Humidor: A masterpiece especially conceived to mark the 160 years of its creation. A Partagás is immediately recognisable by its deep, earthy flavour. The character of its blend springs from a selection of [...]

Romeo y Julieta 130th Anniversary Humidor

Habanos S.A. presents the Romeo and Julieta Humidor: A fine masterpiece especially designed for celebrating the130th anniversary of the brand. Only 250 numbered red-lacquered humidors with a nice presentation bearing the logo of the brand on the top will be released to the market, this way [...]

H.Upmann’s Ancient Humidor

Habanos S.A. presents the H. Upmann Humidor which is the result of the skilled hands of Cuban craftsmen. It’s a duplicate of ancient humidor of which only 200 units will be produced enhancing the exclusivity that surrounds it. Herman Upmann was a banker from Germany who so loved Cuban cigars [...]