Year: 2003

New Cohiba packs

Jun 16, 2003. Cohiba, the most prestigious Habanos S.A. brand, is made with the finest leaves of the best Vegas Finas de Primera of Vuelta Abajo, in the province of Pinar del Rìo, in Cuba. Created in 1966 as an official gift for diplomats and heads of state, and launched in 1982, it became since then a [...]

The new Siglo VI

May 27, 2003. The world of Habano -or Havanas- has always been characterised by a level of exclusivity and sophistication that few products can attain. The Denominación de Origen Protegida Habanos -Habanos’ protected appellation of Origin- is only granted to the most select brands that are made in Cuba, [...]

510th Anniversary Humidor

Apr 10, 2003. A series of 510 numbered humidors is presented to celebrate the 510th anniversary of the arrival of tobacco to the Old World, when Christopher Columbus took with him to Europe the first tobacco plants he had seen after landing on the island of Cuba. Number 510 of this series was sold for US$15 [...]

Montecristo Compay 95th Anniversary

Apr 9, 2003. Habanos S.A. takes pleasure in introducing the MONTECRISTO COMPAY 95th ANNIVERSARY HUMIDOR, a true work of art that has resulted from the expert hands and great skill of Cuban craftsmen. As a gift on his 95th birthday, the famous singer Compay Segundo received the commemorative humidor that is [...]

Anilla especial de Montecristo para Compay

Apr 9, 2003. On occasion of the 94th birthday of Compay Segundo, during the Fiesta celebrated in the pool of the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, in Havana the second fortnight of November, Habanos S.A. gave the famed singer a unique humidor, with 156 cigars Montecristo No. 3 cigars with a very special [...]

Humidors Auction 2003

Feb 28, 2003. Lot No. 1 PERRENOUD HUMIDOR Humidor with capacity for 400 cigars, decorated by the Cuban painter Carlos Boix. Elaborated and donated by the Swiss company Michel Perrenoud. The humidor is accompanied by a box of each of the Habanos brands: Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Partagás and Hoyo [...]

Grand Finale of the International Cigar Sommelier Contest

Feb 28, 2003. During the Fifth Habanos Festival from February 24 – 28 in Havana, the second Habanosommelier International Contest was held, in which there were participating sommeliers) from many countries including Spain, France, England, Austria, Germany, Brasil, Rusia and Cuba. The event was held at the [...]

Fifth International Cigar Festival Gala Dinner

Feb 28, 2003. The Fifth International Cigar Festival rolled down the curtain last Feb. 28 with a gala dinner held in Pabexpo Fairgrounds. All participants and invitees –who spent the last five days delving into the mythical and larger-than-life realm of Cuban cigars- attended the closing ceremony. Besides [...]

Final de Whisky & Cigar Challenge

Feb 27, 2003. After listening to a Scottish gait, all the participants of the 5th Habanos Festival had the opportunity to select the best combination of whisky and cigar, well-known products worldwide. Attending this event were His Excellency Mr. Paul Hare, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the [...]

An Extraordinary International Fashion Show

Feb 27, 2003. Fashion has always been an example of art and history. French and Cuban designers joined their work to celebrate, together with the participants, the 5th Habanos Festival, devoted to the 150th Anniversary of the arrival of cigars to the Old World. Exclusivity, beauty and harmony described the [...]