Year: 2006

XXIV Feria Internacional de La Habana 2006

Nov 26, 2006. During the celebration of the XXIV Edition of the Havana International Trade Fair, a gathering with the press and various entrepreneurs took place on Nov. 2nd. The reception was hosted by Habanos s.a. Commercial Vice-president Mr. Manuel García Morejón and Operational Marketing Director, Mr. [...]

Limited Edition 2006

Nov 14, 2006. Corporation Habanos s.a. launches the Limited Edition 2006 for the world market. Cohiba Pirámides, Montecristo Robustos and Partagás Serie D No. 3 are the chosen ones They will carrying commemorative sticks and vitolinas Havana, June 19th, 2006. On the occasion of its V anniversary, Habanos s.a [...]

Habanos s.a en la TWFA de Cannes 2006

Sep 20, 2006. Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta will have the main role at the Fair With a small sample of its portfolio displayed at Habanos s.a. stand at this prestigious Fair, the company is aimed to build up its commitment with the most demanding smoker, combining the excellence of quality with blends [...]

Trinidad Habanos Collection

Aug 30, 2006. This famous brand is now shown within the Habanos Collection. Habanos S.A. is proud to present the Trinidad Habanos Collection Case. As usual this case resembles a book that has resulted from the expert hands and great skill of Cuban craftsmen. Its production limited to only 500 cases results [...]

Romeo y Julieta 130th Anniversary Humidor

Aug 30, 2006. Habanos S.A. presents the Romeo and Julieta Humidor: A fine masterpiece especially designed for celebrating the130th anniversary of the brand. Only 250 numbered red-lacquered humidors with a nice presentation bearing the logo of the brand on the top will be released to the market, this way [...]

H.Upmann’s Ancient Humidor

Aug 30, 2006. Habanos S.A. presents the H. Upmann Humidor which is the result of the skilled hands of Cuban craftsmen. It’s a duplicate of ancient humidor of which only 200 units will be produced enhancing the exclusivity that surrounds it. Herman Upmann was a banker from Germany who so loved Cuban cigars [...]

Partagas 160th Anniversary Humidor

Aug 30, 2006. Habanos S.A. wants to introduce to the aficionados the Partagás 160th Anniversary Humidor: A masterpiece especially conceived to mark the 160 years of its creation. A Partagás is immediately recognisable by its deep, earthy flavour. The character of its blend springs from a selection of [...]

Montecristo Travel Humidor

Aug 20, 2006. Habanos S.A. is pleased to introduce its first product exclusively made for the Travel Retail and Duty Free channel: The Montecristo Travel Humidor. This humidor was especially designed for those Habanos lovers on-the-go. Easy to carry, to keep and to use. Comprising 10 Edmundos (52 ring gauge [...]

Third Habanos Day. Italy

May 27, 2006. Catania, Romano Palace Hotel, Saturday May 27 – The Habanos Day is an event that came into being in Italy back in 2003 thanks to the joint endeavor and willingness of Diadema S.p.a. –exclusive Habano importer and distributor in Italy- and the Cigar Club Association, an entity that gathers [...]

Nota sobre la Sentencia emitida hoy por la Corte Suprema en el Reino Unido

May 23, 2006. Corporación Habanos, SA y Hunters & Frankau Limited, su distribuidor en el Reino Unido, han recibido con satisfacción el fallo de la Sentencia de la Corte Suprema que ha confirmado el derecho de Corporación Habanos, SA a prohibir la importación de cigarros cubanos en la Unión Europea sin [...]