X Festival del Habano

Trade Fair

The 10th Trade Fair will be held parallel to the Seminar as an inseparable part of the Festival being the ideal moment for technical and trade exchanges among businessmen, manufacturers and suppliers.

In spaces rented by an enterprise, country or organization, the entrepreneurs, craftsmen, artists, traders, manufacturers or companies may exhibit and sell the following goods:

  • Products related to agriculture
  • Machinery
  • Handicrafts
  • Paintings
  • Bibliography
  • Articles for smokers
  • Luxury articles
  • Gourmets Products

Prices of the stands at the Trade Fair:

Modular stand: $130 CUC x m2 (minimum space: 9 m2)
Indoor space: $100.00 CUC x m2 (minimum space: 9 m2)
Hiring of assistant for the stand mounting: US$15.00 per hour


Monday 25/02
14:00 hrs. Opening of the Trade Fair.

Tuesday 26 – Thursday 28/02
10:00- 17:00 hrs. Trade Fair.

Friday 29/02
10:00- 12:00 hrs. Trade Fair.

Exhibitors will be allowed to sell their goods to the public at the Trade Fair. They will also be able to carry out promotional activities with the prior coordination with the Organizing Committee.

Exhibitors will pay the Conference Center a 20% commission of the gross incomes obtained from sales. The design of the exhibiting firms’ stands must show its direct or indirect relationship with the cigar products.


All companies participating in the Fair will be included in the Exhibitors Catalog. Therefore, the data and the logotype of the participating companies or enterprises, as well as the list of items, products or brands to be exhibited must be sent before January 10th 2008.

Inclusion in the Exhibitors Catalog will be totally free up to 10 lines. 5 (five) CUC will be charged for every additional line. Neither Habanos SA nor the Conference Center will be responsible for the incorporation of the corporate data of the exhibiting firms in the Catalog if they are sent in after the aforementioned deadline. The advertisements in the Catalog will be charged in accordance with the rates established for each case.

DIMENSIONS: (4.7 x 19.6 cms)
Bleeding: + 5mm

Visuals are accepted in the following formats:

  • Adobe Photoshop psd,tif in layers
  • Adobe Illustrator with enclosed typo
  • Corel Draw with enclosed typo
  • Freehand with enclosed typo
  • The images must be in psd, tif or jpg formats without compression, with a 300 dpi resolution as the minimum and with a size which allows reduction of the image without damaging the resolution.

TEXTS: Texts are accepted (including companies’ logos) in the following formats:

  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe In Design CS 3
  • Adobe Page Maker 6.5
  • Macromedia Frenad
  • Adobe Illustrator.

Prices: Final Art Works , ready to be printed:

1 colour- CUC 100.00
2 colours- CUC 300.00
4 colours o more- CUC 600.00

Those interested in participating in the 10th Trade Fair in connection with the Habanos Festival, must confirm their participation to both the International Conference Center of Havana and Habanos s.a. (E-mail: aliciag@palco.cu and lmalvarez@habanos.cu)

Deadline: January 10th, 2008.


The samples to be exhibited at the Fair shall be addressed as follows:

Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba


Exposiciones Asociadas
Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana
Telf: (53-7) 2086111/ Fax: (53-7) 2028382
E-mail: lianet@palco.cu



Mrs. Alicia García
Professional Congress Organizer
Palacio de Convenciones.
Tel. (53-7) 2085199
Fax. (53-7) 2028382
E-mail: aliciag@palco.cu

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