17th Habanos Festival

Rates of 17th Habanos Festival


 Prices per Activities
Welcoming Evening 210.00
Plantations Visit 75.00
International Seminar 325.00
Factories Visit 10.00
La Casa del Habano Evening 275.00
Gala Evening 525.00
Total 1,420.00
FULL PROGRAM (10% of discount) 1,278.00
Reserves and Registrations:

All reservations and registrations for the events activities must be made through the following web site: www.habanos.com

For a better organization of the Festival’s social activities, we will receive reserves solicitudes until February 12th, 2015.

Reserves for the Welcoming Evening will be valid until Monday, February 23rd, 2015 at 12:00 pm. After that time we shall proceed to the “last minute” sale of all unpaid reserves.

Reserves for the La Casa del Habano Evening will be valid until Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 at 12:00 pm.After that time we shall proceed to the “last minute” sale of all unpaid reserves.

Reserves for the Gala Evening will be valid until Friday, February 27th 2015 at 12:00 pm. After that time we shall proceed to the “last minute” sale of all unpaid reserves.

Contact (for questions and clarifications)

Mrs. Yamilet Emanueli
Operational Marketing Dept.
Habanos, S.A.
Tel. (53) (7) 204-0513 and 204-0514, ext. 55
Fax: (53) (7) 204 0549
e-mail: yemanueli@habanos.cu

Payments policy:

According to the money exchange provisions issued by Banco Nacional de Cuba in force in the Republic of Cuba, the payments policy for the 17th Habanos Festival will be as follows:

  • Cash payments will only be accepted in CUC (Cuban Convertible Currency).
  • Bank transfers will only be accepted in EUROS, at the exchange rate in forceon the day of the transfer, taking the European Central Bank as reference.

The discounts or commissions for bank transfers will be assumed in each case by the party making the payment. Habanos s.a. must receive full payment for the activity or full package, accordingly.

The payment of reserves by bank transfers should be made before February 16th, 2014.

Bank transfers won’t be made through neither Northamerican Banks nor any of their branches offices due to the risk funds may be freezed.

Those who choose to make bank transfers are requested to send a copy of the bank swift when they make the transfer in order to facilitate the rapid identification of the sender.

Payments in EUR (Bank transfers to BICSA):

ACCOUNT No. 45321010021500 (EUR)

Payments in EUR (Bank transfers to Sabadell):

BRANCH: 0072
BANK ADDRESS: Príncipe de Vergara 125, Madrid, España.
ACCOUNT No: 0081 0300 60 0001790883
IBAN CODE: ES15 0081 0300 6000 0179 0883

Credit card payments: Only VISA, Master Card, CABAL, TRAVEL CARD, DELIVERY CARD, BFI, RED and SERCUBA cards will be accepted. An exchange rate of 1.1124 against CUC will be applied.


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