18th Habanos Festival

Trade Fair Associated to the Festival

The Trade Fair will be inaugurated On February 29th, 2016 and it will take place simultaneously with Seminar, as integral part of the Festival. It will be the ideal moment for technical and commercial exchanges between businessmen, manufacturers and suppliers. The areas rented by enterprises, countries or organizations can be used for exhibiting and selling their products by entrepreneurs, artisans, artists, traders and manufacturers whose activities are related to tobacco industry as:

  • Handcrafted articles
  • Products relate to tobacco agriculture
  • Visual arts
  • Bibliographies
  • Articles for smokers
  • Luxury goods
  • Gourmet products
Modular stand: 110.00 CUC x m2 (minimum 9 m2)
Free area 100.00 CUC x m2 (minimum 9 m2)

National companies which do not operate in foreign currencies pay in Cuban pesos (CUP). Those companies which operate in foreign currencies must pay 50% of the amount in hard currency

Exhibitors will be entitled to sell their products during the Fair and to carry out promotional activities prior to the coordination with the Organizing Committee. The stand designs of exhibitor firms must reflect their direct or indirect relation with tobacco products.


The number of exhibitors in each stand will depend on the number of m2 reserved by the firms or enterprises. The exhibitors will receive:

  • Badge
  • Registration set
  • Exhibitors’ Catalogue
  • 2 invitations per stand for the Welcoming Evening
  • Farewell Lunch
  • Participation certificate

Price of the Additional Credential is 150.00 CUC with right to:

  • Badge
  • Registration set
  • Exhibitors’ catalogue
  • Farewell Lunch

The Trade Fair prizes will be made known at the closing ceremony of the event, on March 4th.

The Organizing Committee of the Trade Fair and a specialized jury will determine the winners, who will receive their prizes from the hands of important personalities from the Cuban cigar sector.

Awards will be granted in the following categories:

  • Award and mention to the “Best Free Design”
  • Award and mention to the “Best Modular Stand”
  • Award and mention to the “Most Visited Stand”
  • Award to the best “Communication Campaign”

The arrival terms of the goods are the following:

By air: 10 days prior to the Fair’s opening day (minimum).
By sea: 15 days prior to the Fair’s opening day (minimum).

The goods must be consigned to:

Event name: XVIII Festival del Habano
Fairgrounds: Palacio de las Convenciones
Notify to: Agencia Aduanal Palco (Palco Customs Agency)

The required documents are:

  • B/L (originals) or AWB (fax copy)
  • Commercial invoice (specify product description, quantity, price, total cost, currency and consignment conditions according to Incoterms)
  • Original certificates according to the nature of the goods (sanitary, phytosanitary and veterinary)
  • Insurance policy (if any)
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of origin or certification of origin in the invoice

Concerning arriving goods in Cuba as accompanying ones, 24 hrs services will be applied only if Customs are notified 72 hours before arrival of goods together with all information concerning the passenger as full name, passport number, flight number time and arrival date.

The luggage retained by customs will be notified to the ¨Palco¨ Customs Agency, which will receive the retention documents and the invoice so the luggage can be processed and later sent to the fairgrounds.

Re-export of the goods can also be carried out, at the exhibitor’s request.

Lianet Fernández Costa.
Fairs and Exhibitions Specialist
Palco Customs Agency
Phones: (53) 7208 3274 / 7208 6111
Fax: (53) 7202 8382
Email: lianet@palco.cu


The participants in the Habanos Festival Trade Fair are entitled to appear in the Exhibitors’ Catalogue, for which purpose they must send before December 21st, 2015 the information and logo of the exhibitor company or enterprise, as well as the list of articles, products or trademarks to be exhibited.

The inclusion in the Exhibitors’ Catalogue will be completely free up to ten printed lines. Each additional line will have a cost of 5.00 CUC. The Convention Center (Palacio de las Convenciones) and the Organizing Committee are not obliged to include in the catalogue the corporate information on the exhibitor companies if said information is delivered after the above-mentioned deadline (December 21st).

The advertisement of the Catalogue will have a cost in accordance with the price tariffs established for each case, and shall adjust to the following specifications:

  • Dimensions: 14,7 x 19,6 cm
  • Indentation: + 5 mm
  • Resolution: no less than 300 dpi

The illustrations must have the following formats:

  • Adobe Photoshop psd, tif in layers
  • Adobe Illustrator with typefaces attached
  • Corel Draw with typefaces attached
  • Freehand with typefaces attached

Included texts accompanying company logos will be accepted in the following formats:

  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe In Design CS 3
  • Adobe Page Maker 6.5
  • Macromedia Frenad
  • Adobe Illustrator

Prices will be informed on request.

Those persons interested in the Trade Fair must confirm their participation to Palacio de Convenciones (Convention Center) and to Habanos S.A. as follows:

Palacio de Convenciones (Convention Center)

Mr. Raúl González Castro
Professional Organizer for Events and Fairs
Tel: (53) 7208 7541, 7202-6011 ext. 1507
Fax: (53) 7202 8283
E-mail: raulg@palco.cu

Habanos s.a.

Mrs. Nereyda Zequeira
Tel. (53) 7204 0513, 7204 0514 ext 563
Fax: (53) 7204 0549
E-mail: nzequeira@habanos.cu


Mrs. Alicia García
Professional Organizer for Congress
Convention Center
Telf. (53) 7208 5199
Fax: (53) 7202 8382
Email: aliciagarcia@palco.cu


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