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The first Cohiba Atmosphere in Cuba opens its doors

The first Cohiba Atmosphere in Cuba opened its doors just a few days ago, located at the exclusive commercial Gallery of the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski, the first five-stars “plus” luxury hotel in the island under the prestigious Kempinski brand.

This Cohiba Atmosphere is placed in the centre core of La Habana Vieja, on Neptuno Street, between Zulueta and Monserrate, close to the historic Parque Central. The building with an extraordinary position, high structural value and large crowd of people, has an important link with the history of trade.

This Cohiba Atmosphere becomes the eleventh venue worldwide opened under this concept. The design of its spaces was inspired by the four Cohiba Lines: Línea Clásica, Línea 1492, Línea Maduro 5 and Línea Behike, which is represented through its colors and graphic elements. Experienced passionate as well as those who want to introduce themselves in the universe of the best cigars in the world; will be able to enjoy the different vitolas of Habanos in an exclusive and private atmosphere.

The Cohiba Atmosphere has a large walk-in humidor with a wide variety of brands and vitolas of Habanos portfolio, preserved in perfect temperature and humidity conditions. Next to it, the bar offers distilled beverages from all over the world and a menu with the most outstanding Cuban and international cocktails.  The ground floor is full of comfortable leather couches that allow smoking the Habanos in an amazing way. At the upper section there are 40 lockers where the most selective clients of the place will treasure their Habanos. It also has a reserved space that seduces those who rather privacy and even a small room for business meetings. 

The Cohiba Atmosphere will also offer wide-ranging and exclusive items for smokers as well as other products from the brand diversification of  that will complement the offering of those who pursue the Cohiba experience.

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The first Cohiba Atmosphere in Cuba opens its doors


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