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Travel Retail Selection Pack

Travel-Selection-Pack-2008Habanos, S.A. is proud to introduce another product exclusively made for the Travel Retail and Duty Free channel: The Travel Retail Selection Pack.

The Travel Retail Selection Pack is made up by a selection of trendy sizes from three different Habanos brands. This special new pack makes a great combination of three of the most successful of the latest launchings of Habanos within the past four years.

The Robusto is a trendy size nowadays, no wonder it has been chosen to be the core of this selection. Along its dimensions (50 ring gauge and 124 mm long) smokers are able to find plenty of flavours in a short smoke.

Petit Edmundo from Montecristo. With a girth of 52 x 110 mm in the length, in keeping with the current trends of the global cigar market, Petit Edmundo is offering consumers the flavour and blend of a renowned premium brand in a short cigar. Montecristo also shows an unparalleled performance regarding worldwide sales. Its medium to full flavour has become an icon among cigar enthusiasts around the world.

Shorts Churchills from Romeo y Julieta. A classic Robusto. (Girth 50 and 124 mm long) The devotees to the brand will be able to taste the Romeo y Julieta’s balanced and aromatic blend of selected leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region, making it the classic medium bodied Habano. Today Romeo y Julieta is a well known brand around the world and this size will be delighting the senses of the Habanos lovers in a delicate combination of passion and excellence.

Petit Robusto from Hoyo de Monterrey. Aimed to satisfy the most demanding palates, the flavour of Hoyo de Monterrey’s blend makes it an attractive choice for those who seek a delicate yet aromatic Habano that is lighter to the taste but with great elegance and complexity. Made up by a selection of leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region, this is a gift for every aficionado.

Once again, Habanos, S.A. gives consumers another chance to get the latest exclusivity for the Duty Free and Travel Retail channel. It’s an excellent tailored-made product that will surely become a special gift for frequent flyers.

Aiming at the preservation as the key factor, the pack was specially made with the latest “Double Chamber” Humidifier Tube, in order to keep the Habanos inside for a long time in safe conditions. Habanos are evenly humidified from the bottom to the top. Furthermore, dry Habanos can be “recovered” in only 1 week.

Another plus added is the eye-catching design, in which each tube carries out the brand logo on the side printed in a sleek surface for a better presentation. These tubes give smokers the chance to enjoy their Habanos anytime they please.

Although is produced in limited quantities, this product will be launched next October 2008 at the TFWE in Cannes and it will be available to the Duty Free market by the end of the year.

Travel Retail Selection Pack


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