2016 Sep , 6

New Legal Director of Habanos, S.A.


We are pleased to inform that the Board of Directors and Shareholders of Corporación Habanos, S.A carried out on July 14th, 2016 appointed Mrs. Lisset Fernández García as Legal Director of the Company.

Mrs. Lisset is graduated in Law Degree at the Havana University. She has participated in several international events like MERCOSUR Summit, on 2013, the 6th Conference of the Parties to the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, on 2014 and the 10th Conference of the World Trade Organization, on 2015, among others.

From 2012-2014 she was the alternate representative to the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI).

Prior to her appointment, she was working as Trade Policy Specialist at the Ministry of Foreign Trade.








New Legal Director of Habanos, S.A.


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