The exclusivity of Cohiba Behike closes the Habanos Festival

Habanos s.a reveals the Cohiba’s best kept secret of its history: Cohiba Behike. The Humidors Auction reached 805.000 euros. Havana, 28 February 2010.- Cohiba Behike, new Cohiba’s line and the most exceptional of all presented by Habanos, S.A. so far, finally was tasted by the Gala Evening attendees, the most...

2010 Feb , 28

Habanos introduces Julieta, the new vitola dedicated to women

  The new Romeo y Julieta’s vitola honors women and was introduced during the Women in the Habano Evening. Julieta is the second vitola brought in by Habanos, S.A. after Wide Churchills, tasted in the Welcome Evening. The Festival will end tomorrow with the most awaited launch of the year:...

2010 Feb , 26

Humidors Auction 2010

The auction of Habanos humidors has become one of the highlights of the Festival del Habano, a global event that year after year captures the imagination of the whole cigar world. By the very nature of each of the Habanos contained in these majestic and elegant humidors, every lot in...

2010 Feb , 25

Cohiba Behike, Habanos s.a. most exclusive line is born

The new Cohiba Behike line – the most exclusive ever presented by Habanos s.a. – will be the most important launch of 2010 officially presented during the XII Habanos Festival. The new vitola Julieta, a cigar specially designed for women, and Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills, a new heavy ring...

2010 Feb , 22

12th Habanos Festival supported by Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines the official airline of the XII Habanos Festival , offer all participants an special discount on public fare available when reserve at Copa sales offices in all 45 destinations in 24 countries of South, Central, Northamerica and Caribbean.” All participants must show the Confirmation of Registration document sent...

2010 Jan , 20

Appointed as the Commercial Director

We are pleased to inform that the Management Comittee of Habanos, S.A. carried out on December 17th, 2009 appointed Mr. Roberto Delgado Pérez as the Commercial Director of the Company...

2009 Dec , 30

Replica of a Montecristo ancient humidor

Habanos, S.A. is proud to present a replica of an ancient Montecristo Humidor, of which, only 350 cases will be produced and exclusively aimed at La Casa del Habano worldwide. 50 Doble Coronas will be housed inside this beautiful piece aimed at delighting Montecristo lovers. Montecristo is the best known and...

2009 Dec , 30

La Casa del Habano was opened in Amberes, Belgium

A new local of La Casa del Habano has been opened by MIKE’S HAVANA AMBASSADORS in Amberes, Belgium. CUBACIGAR BENELUX S.A. is the Exclusive Distributor that supply all products to this shop as to the rest of La Casa del Habano at the territories of Belgium, The Netherlands and...

2009 Dec , 29

Appointed as the LOGISTIC Vice-President

We are pleased to inform that the EXTRAORDINARY SHAREHOLDERS MEETING of Habanos, S.A. carried out on September 24, 2009 appointed Mr. Jorge Luis Fernandez Maique as the LOGISTIC Vice-President....

2009 Dec , 17


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