Cohiba BHK 52: Best cigar of the year by Cigar Aficionado top 25´s

2011 Jan , 13

The renowned magazine Cigar Aficionado selected COHIBA BHK 52 as the best cigar of the year among 25 listed. Two other Habanos also made the top 25. The  hup-upno2 with 94 points came 9th, whilst the  parta-lusitanias was awarded 92 points reaching the 21st place.


Successfully launched at the XII edition of the Habanos Festival, Havana, Feb. 2010. The Cohiba Behike line is made up by three sizes:

BHK 52: 52 ring gauge (20,64 mm) x 119mm in length. Factory name: Laguito No 4.

BHK 54: 54 ring gauge (21,43 mm) x 144mm in length. Factory name: Laguito No 5.

BHK 56: 54 ring gauge (21,43 mm) x 144mm in length. Factory name: Laguito No 5.

Cohiba Behike is produced each year with the best Cuban tobacco coming from  (D.O. P, Protected Denomination of Origin) and  (D.O.P) inside the  (D.O.P) in extremely limited quantities in the prestigious “El Laguito” factory. Its blend incorporates for the first time the “”, a leaf that attributes to the cigar exceptional character and flavour.


Also denominated Fortaleza 4, the Medio Tiempo is a very scarce leaf coming from the two upper leaves of the sun-grown tobacco plant. However, not all these plants produce both. The sufficient availability of Medio Tiempo to be used in regular productions depends of the dedication, care and attention paid to each tobacco plantation and growing of each plant, considering the changing climatic conditions as well. Cohiba Behike is the ultimate expression of the taste and aroma of the Habano.

Regarding the award, Habanos, S.A. Co President Buenaventura Jiménez stated: “We are really proud of this extraordinary cigar and with this recognition we will be more encourage to follow improving our Habanos.”

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