Casa Havaneza of Chiado has been classified as a Monument of Public Interest

The ancient Casa Havaneza, founded in the historical center of Chiado,
Lisbon, with more than 150 years, has been classified as a Monument of
Public Interest including its integrated furnishing heritage, according to an
ordinance published on December 7th. 2018 in Diário da República, the
official publication of Portugal´s government, which highlights the exceptional
nature of this emblematic store.

This ordinance distinguishes Casa Havaneza Chiado as “…an important
reference in the history of the country, embedded in the contemporary
literature by writers such as Eça de Queirós or Ramalho Ortigão – the place
where the city’s first public telegraph was installed…”

The distinction of Casa Havaneza Chiado, reflects the criteria related to the
“original house nature, the genius of the respective creator, the interest of
the assets as a remarkable testimony of experiences and historical facts, the
esthetic, technical and inherent value of the good, to the historical and
urban conception”.

Casa Havaneza is deeply grateful to all the customers who made and make
this House such a special place over the centuries, because without them it
would not be possible to achieve this historic distinction.