The World of the Habano

Other methods of manufacture

The “Totalmente a Mano, Tripa Corta” – totally by hand, short filler technique


The trimmings from the bunches of long-filler cigars are combined with other selected chopped tobaccos to create the blends for short-filler Habanos. The Torcedor rolls the filler into full-length binder leaves with the aid of a flexible mat fixed to his bench to form a firm bunch. The wrapper is applied by hand in the normal fashion.

As the whole process is conducted by hand, these cigars too are Totalmente a Mano – totally made by hand.

Machine made cigars, “Tabaco Mecanizado”

Since the 1950’s some cigars have been made in Cuba by machines.

At times in the past machine made cigars were also referred to as Habanos.

But now the Habanos title is awarded solely to cigars Totalmente a Mano – made totally by hand – in Cuba according to the procedures and quality controls laid down by the Regulatory Council for the Protected Denomination of Origin (D.O.P.). Habanos from tobaccos grown in the regions and zones that are also protected denominations of origin.

Seal that identifies the boxes of machine-made cigars “tabaco mecanizado”produced in Cuba.
Those are not Habanos.


Habanos are made
completely by hand

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