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Vegueros Centrofinos

Vegueros Centrofinos es una nueva vitola de calibre grueso que se incorpora en el portafolio de la marca Vegueros Centrofinos estará llegando en las próximas semanas a los diferentes mercados de todo el mundo La marca Vegueros nació para rendir homenaje a todos los agricultores cubanos que de generación en...

2019 Aug , 2

Vegueros Centrofinos

Vegueros incorporates a new thick ring gauge vitola into the brand’s portfolio Centrofinos will be arriving to the different markets around the world in a couple of weeks The Vegueros brand was born to pay homage to all Cuban farmers who, from generation to generation have grown tobacco mainly in...

2019 Mar , 25

Vegueros, an ever-changing tradition with new vitolas

Planters, who are named after the curing barns where tobacco leaves are stashed, are used to rolling their own cigars and that strikes the attention of people visiting , the land of the world’s finest tobacco. This time around, Vegueros breaks in a new image and presentation in 16-unit tin...

2014 Feb , 11

Habanos Night in Armenia

  The Habanos Night was recently held in Armenia and was dedicated to Habanos, with a Cuban atmosphere gathered the enthusiasts of what is considered the best cigar in the world in the city of Yerevan. The meeting was organized by the Casa del Habano of Armenia and “Kaliman Caribe”....

2022 Jan , 14

Cuba pays homage to the growers of the best tobacco in the world

The Habanos Festival dedicated one night to Vegueros, the guardians of the century-long tradition of the Cuban fields. During the night, this Habanos brand was re-launched. Attendees were able to sample three new vitolas and enjoy an avant-garde gastronomy which uses Cuban tobacco as an ingredient. The Gala Evening will...

2013 Mar , 2


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