Hoyo de Monterrey Humidor

humidor02-hoyo-22004Habanos s.a. presents the Hoyo de Monterrey humidor. A special series made up by 500 humidors exclusively aimed to Casas del Habano stores. Beautifully hand-crafted by the expert hands of Cuban artisans, this humidor is considered as a masterpiece.

Leaves used in the blend for manufacturing these Habanos come from the Hoyo de Monterrey plantation which is located on the fertile banks of San Juan y Martinez River, right in the heart of the Vuelta Abajo region. The Hoyo de Monterrey plantation has a well-known reputation way before its name was first used on a brand of Habanos in 1865 by Spaniard José Gener.

This Humidor contains 100 cigars ordered as follows:

  • humidor02-hoyo-200450 Monterreyes (55 ring gauge and 233 mm. ength) Because of their complex manufacture, the double figurados (tappered at both ends) are at the peak of the roller’s cigar-making art. If only for that reason, they deserve to be a part of the selection of every aficionado who prides himself on it. No doubt this Diadema will definitely please the most demanding palates.
  • 50 Gran Piramides (57 ring gauge and 160 mm length) The Pyramid size is not listed in the regular portfolio of the brand so this is a great opportunity for tasting it. An excellent choice for real connoisseurs.

This great Humidor will be available in the upcoming weeks at the Casas del Habano Shops worldwide.