The Habanos Brands-Academia

The Habanos Brands-Academia

Habanos, S.A. manages a wide portfolio of brands, many of them with a long history and others created in recent decades. The Habanos portfolio includes 27 brands, which cover a wide range of concepts, formats, flavors, positioning and, in general, characteristics to satisfy the tastes of Premium tobacco smokers from all over the world.

The 27 Habanos brands are protected by the D.O.P. Habanos, whose protection is ensured by the “Regulatory Council of the Protected Denomination of Origin Habanos and other Cuban Tobacco Companies” and whose distinctive seal has been included in all Habanos boxes since 1994.

Habanos, S.A. classifies its brands based on a series of factors, such as the breadth of its portfolio, distribution and presence in the markets and in specialized points of sale, or the focus on communication and product activation.

Following these and other criteria, Habanos brands are classified in Global Brands, where the 6 most relevant and well-known brands for the fan are located, which have the largest portfolio and variety of formats, a global distribution and presence in all points of sale. specialized sales; and the so-called Portfolio Brands. Within this category are the so-called High Value Brands, which are brands with a wide distribution, interesting portfolios and which are widely used in Habanos Specialties; the Volume Brands, which offer an excellent value-for-money proposition and the Rest of the Portfolio Brands, with a wide group of brands that cover different flavor, strength and price proposals and that, apart from the standard Habanos portfolio, they can be found in exclusive products for La Casa del Habano and Habanos Especialistas, as well as in the Regional Editions for exclusive territories.

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