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Galería de Arte XIV Festival del Habano

The Habano in the  520th Anniversary The Diversity of styles and languages converge in this collective exhibition, as part of the Trade Fair activities of the XIV Habanos Festival, main protagonist and inspiration source for several generations of Cuban artists. The Habano, source of delight [...]

Galería de Arte Habanos

To perceive the Aroma of Tobacco Smell it. If you catch a Habanos’s aroma, you will experience the true colors of this land, and in complicity, its artists’ inspiration. There, the fresh sensation of humidity on the chosen land, agglutinated with wisdom and the rollers’ [...]

Personalities from all over the world enjoy the Habanos Festival.

Actor and musician Jim Belushi surprises guests during the 520th Anniversary of the Discovery of Tobacco in Cuba Night with an impromptu music jam alongside Phil Manzanera. The Welcoming Night futures other personalities including Jack Bruce, ex NBA players, Travis Best and Dale Davis alongside [...]

international personalities from different fields will be present at XIV Habanos Festival

Guitarists Phil Manzanera and Jack Bruce will play with Cuban singer Augusto Enriquez at a concert during the Welcome Evening. Spanish chef Sergio Torres has developed a special recipe for one of the dishes that will star at the 520 Anniversary Evening of the Discovery of Tobacco in Cuba. [...]

Habanos s.a, the sponsor for the screening of the Documentary, Cigars: The Heart & Soul of Cuba

Habanos, S.A. exclusively sponsored the screening of the documentary Cigar: The Heart & Soul of Cuba, presented by James Suckling and directed by James Orr. The Documentary with just over 50 minutes was screened on December 2nd, in Room 1930 at The Cuba National Hotel, under the 33th New [...]