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13th Habanos Day in the city of kings, Kaliningrad

On June 9th, Kaliningrad became the venue for the XIII Habanos Day 2023 in Russia. For the first time, the main Habanos event in Russia was held in the westernmost region, on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

In the first half of this day, three keynote lectures were held in the “Sapphire” conference room at the Crystal House Hotel. They were given by three experts known for their work in promoting the culture, philosophy, history and traditions of the World of Habanos.

The second part of the event was the Gala Dinner, held at the “Residence of kings” complex, with a medieval atmosphere of castles and knights. More than 290 guests were welcomed into another dimension of the past of a Teutonic village with a Habano of Montecristo No.4 and a cocktail.

The artistic part of the Gala was presented in theatrical format, with the desire to “immerse” the guests in the action of a knight’s tournament and the highly awarded musical play “Per Gunt”.

The Habanos presented during the evening, new to the market and growing in strength, were Rafael González Coronas de Lonsdales – 48 ring gauge x 127 mm length, Montecristo Wide Edmundo – 54 ring gauge x 125 mm length and finally Ramón Allones Allones No.3 -52 ring gauge x 138 mm length. These three Habanos were presented by actors from the city’s Drama Theater who played the Count of Lonsdale, the Count of Montecristo and the Spaniard Ramón Allones.

During the gala, the 2022 category awards were presented to the best Habanos Point, best Habanos Especialist, best opening of the year, best Habanos Smoking Club and the Classic Habanos Ambassador, who this year turned out to be the writer, aficionado and great lover of Cuba, Mr. Andrei Malinin. The Gala Dinner concluded with the traditional Habanos auction.

The original entertainment format of the Gala Dinner, the immersion in the world of historical reconstruction, acrobatics, dance, classical theater and opera, accompanied by the best Habanos, gave each participant excellent moments of encounter with beauty. And it raises the expectations of Habanos enthusiasts and aficionados for our next Habanos Day in another corner of this huge country.

13th Habanos Day in the city of kings, Kaliningrad


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