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30 YEARS OF TRADITION UP IN SMOKE Recognizing three decades of Cuban business partnership in Canada

On September 12, 2018 Havana House Cigar & Tobacco hosted a dinner to commemorate 30 years of business in Canada.   The event was attended by an influential segment of the Canadian tobacconists, the Cuban Ambassador and the Cuban Consul General.   The evening featured a special live performance by Yulaysi Miranda Ferrer, dubbed “The New Voice of Cuban Music”.

Havana House’s History – Since it was founded by Thomas Hinds in 1988, Havana House has been a leading importer and distributor of Cuban cigar brands in Canada. After Sir David Tang purchased Havana House Cigar & Tobacco Merchants in 1994, the company has grown to include three , more than 35 Habanos Specialists and 180 tobacconists across Canada.

Following a 500-year-old tradition, Cuban cigars are made with 100% natural tobacco from y Partido regions in Cuba. The combination of soil, sun and the skills of the Cuban farmers and rollers produce the distinctive, unparallel experience fine Cuban cigars are known for.

In addition to offering over 350 different premium Cuban cigars for aficionados, Havana House is an industry leader in organizing and supporting private events including dinners, cigar tastings, golf tournaments and many other select activities.

The event –This invite only private event took place at the Island Yacht Club (located at 2 Muggs Island Park in Toronto). A dinner was held and renowned international musical artist Yulaysi Miranda Ferrer, 2017 winner of television contest SONANDO en Cuba, provided the soundtrack for the evening. Also, during the evening there were an exclusive release of two new Cuban cigars to the Canadian retail market.

Exclusive Releases – The event saw the Canadian launch of the Romeo y Julieta Tacos, 2018 . Since its inception in 1875, the Romeo y Julieta brand has become highly sought after by aficionados seeking a harmonious blend with an excellent aroma. Also, was showcased is the Diplomaticos Norteños 2018 Canadian Regional Edition- exclusive to the Canadian market in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Havana House Cigars and Tobacco Merchants. Diplomaticos was the first new brand of Cuban cigars after the Cuban revolution produced commercially for public sale. With Bill S-5, Canada’s new plain packaging regulation for all tobacco products, including traditional cigars, this Cuban masterpiece may be the last Canadian branded cigar released.


30 YEARS OF TRADITION UP IN SMOKE Recognizing three decades of Cuban business partnership in Canada


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