2004 May , 24

Analysing a Luxury Market

lujo1A statistical analysis of the luxury market and its repercussion on current society’s life style evolution gathered the board members Olivier de Croissant, St Dupont; Almudena Rodríguez, Ogilvy and Susana Campuzano, author of the book El Universo del Lujo (The Universe of Luxury) during the International Seminar that opened on Tuesday afternoon.

Javier Terrés de Ercilla, vice-president of Development of Habanos S.A. Corporation was the moderator in the debate and pointed out that surprising the consumer is one of the most important challenges for Habanos since 2004.

Susana Campusano remarked that, though casual consumers are making the luxury market expand, the brands suffer when expectations are not overcome at moments of crisis.

“Nevertheless, the luxury market cannot grow and grow, since this is something that goes against its own identity”, she explained. “If the luxury market grows exceedingly, it stops being so. If everybody can have access to the elitist brands, we lose the identity of our goods.”
Among other topics, the board members debated about marketing, public relations and publicity that allow a brand to be set in the consumer’s mind.

Analysing a Luxury Market


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