2012 Apr , 17

Blind Tasting: Challenging All Senses and the Passion for Habanos

The blind tasting, an event carried out this year for the second time at the recently concluded 15th Habano Festival proved to be a competition that challenges the senses of the most passionate and knowledgeable habano lovers.


In the tasting, participants are required to identify the stock and length of three habanos just by touching. Then, by looking at them, they have to identify their vitola, and later their brand, based on the aroma and flavor during the smoke.

Three habanos were sampled by about 20 contestants in the first elimination round of the 15th Habano Festival’s Blindfolded Tasting; and three others were used in the final phase of the event, to which just six participants qualified.

This year’s winner showed a very special feminine taste and smell sensitivity, as well as broad knowledge about Cuban habanos. Perhaps this was because she came from Vuelta Abajo, the town where the leaves used in the world’s best premium habanos are grown.

Leticia Cabrera, a young Cuban woman who works as a habano specialist at La Casa del Habano store of El Aljibe Restaurant, displayed her touch, smell and taste perceptions in the extremely difficult event.

Cabrera admitted being a passionate habano smoker. She said she enjoys the touch and taste of Habanos to the full, and that she pampers them daily at work, in La Casa del Habano store of El Aljibe, one of the most popular restaurants in Havana.

Blind Tasting: Challenging All Senses and the Passion for Habanos


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