2016 May , 26

Diadema s.p.a presents its Regional Edition to the Italian Market

On the last February 15th, 2016, Diadema S.P.A, Exclusive Distributor of for Italy and the La Casa del Habano in Milan presented in the big smoking room of the restaurant Controvento in Milano its new regional edition of La Escepción brand.


The event was attended by around 80 people, among them journalists , important collectors and enthusiats of La Escepción brand produced exclusively for Italian market who has drawed attention to the Habanos lovers of all over the world.

It was also attended by Luca Borla, owner of La Casa del Habano in Milan, Andrea Vincenzi, Gonzalo Sanchez Villalba; President and Vice President of Diadema respectively, and Stefano Minoia; Sales Manager of the Company, which mingled with attendees history and peculiarities of this brand.


La Escepción is a reason of pride for the Italian Habanos apasionados. Thanks to Diadema’s work and Habanos support, Italy is the only country which can presume of carrying-out the interesting project of bringing back to life an old Cuban “sleeping brand”. La Escepción production was stopped in 1989. Until 2011, when Selectos Finos were launched, always as Regional Edition for Italy. Now, four years after: Don José.

Hermosos No. 4 (48 ring gauge x 127mm length) is the vitola for this Habano which pays tribute the emblematic figure of Don José Gener y Batet, who founded La Escepción in 1850; a decade before Gener foundation also by prestigious brand of Hoyo de Monterrey.


At the same time José Gener credits with a nice anecdote of the born of the brand: the correct way, in Spanish language, would have been La Excepción (The Exeption), but the name was leaved with the original transcription error, because of the will of the founder, who simply said that the name sounded good like that. In this way, this story has become the most famous error in the history of the Habano.

The Regional Edition Don José of the La Escepción brand was presented in its current box produced accurately respectful with the style of the brand is the fruit of a meticulous philological research. Thanks to the help given by apasionados and collectors (mainly Paolo Jucker), was possible to find the old ring, from the sixties and the original “habilitaciones” of the brand.


All attendees had the opportunity to taste the Habanos The Escepción Don Jose that as all regional editions are also produced in very limited quantities (4,000 boxes of 25 Habanos). Habanos enthusiasts and Italian collectors around the world continue to show great interest in acquiring just a few avalaible boxes.

Diadema s.p.a presents its Regional Edition to the Italian Market


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