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Diplomáticos Leal showed up in Havana, Cuba

On December 8th, the launch of the new Regional Edition for Cuba, Diplomaticos Leal (54 x 140 mm length ), was presented in Havana.

“Leal”, the new vitola under Diplomáticos brand is the seventh regional edition launched for the Cuban domestic market, and the second one in the brand. On this occasion, the event, which brought together more than 200 Habanos enthusiasts , took place at the Parque Central Hotel with the participation of the different specialized stores under franchise La Casa del Habano in the capital, hotel chains such as Iberostar, Gaviota, Gran Caribe, TRD, Palmares, among others, together with executives of the Tabacuba Group and Habanos, S.A. were also attended the event.

The welcoming speech was offered by Jorge Pérez Martell, Commercial Vice President of Habanos, S.A., who thanked everyone for their presence and invited them to celebrate together the arrival of the long-awaited Diplomáticos Leal vitola.

This new vitola was received with great enthusiasm by all those present, who had been waiting for it with desire since the last Regional Edition launched for the Cuban market four years ago.

Elain Morales, a renowned Cuban artist, was in charge of enlivening the evening.

Those attending the evening had at their disposal, in addition to a varied cocktail, a select cast of Premium products that accompanied the Diplomáticos brand on its big night.  Offering exclusive pairings with the vitolas that were tasted there, such as Diplomáticos No.2, and above all, the new Leal vitola as the protagonist of the night.

Diplomáticos Leal will be available in all specialized stores from the second half of December.

Diplomáticos Leal showed up in Havana, Cuba


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