2017 Jun , 29

Forensics expert and criminal investigators training course: Habanos’ Authenticity Report

Last May 25th, Emporium Cigars made the 2nd “Forensics Expert and Criminal Investigators Training Course”, in order to make possible identify  counterfeit or smuggled in Brazil.

The training course took place in the Police Academy Against Counterfeit and Contraband in Río de Janeiro – Brazil, and was conducted by Fernando Teixeira, General Manager of Emporium Cigars, Exclusive Distributor of Habanos for Brazil.  Around 38 forensics experts and criminal investigators participated.

The training course had the objective to build knowledge among forensics expert and investigators community, in order to produce Habanos’ authenticity reports as a fundamental step to legal actions against counterfeit and contraband agents.  

The training course was divided into 8 parts. One of the most important issues was to pointing out notorious differences between the original Habanos and its counterfeit or contraband.

  1. The Habanos World and its Exclusive Distributor in Brazil;
  2. Production – stamp  – D.O.P; Protected Appellation of Origin
  3. Stamp – National Warrant Stamp – Habanos code bar and hologram ;
  4. Stamp – Exclusive Distributor in Brazil – “Emporium Scan”;
  5. Stamp – Tobacco Regulatory Agency in Brazil – ANVISA;
  6. Labels  – Brands and products
  7. Band ranges – most counterfeit and smuggled;
  8. Habanos tobacco case – physical features and colours.

Due to Brazil’s high excise tax, tobacco price is very high compared to European ones, resulting in a high level of counterfeit products and contraband. In addition to this, Brazil produces black tobacco in the Bahia state, fostering the illicit trade.

It is estimated that the illicit trade of Habanos in Brazil accounts for 70% of the premium cigars market, counterfeit or smuggled, with total sales of 1,5 million sticks.

The “Forensics Expert Training Course” makes part of the Habanos Anti –Illicit Trade Programme, sponsored by Emporium Cigars with the partnership of Brazilians authorities at state and federal level.




Forensics expert and criminal investigators training course: Habanos’ Authenticity Report


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