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La Disfida Habanos Challenge

November 11th and 12th was the chosen data to celebrate the final of “La Disfida”, teams challenge, organized by Cigar Club Alto Salento and Diadema S. p. A. (Official Distributor of Habanos for Italy) exclusively open for enthusiasts previously graduated in Habanos Academy.

The challenge included five play offs previous to the grand final celebrated in the city of Lecce. These play offs were celebrated in these cities: Iseo, Matelica, Monselice, Napoli and Torino.

The winning team would enjoy a prestigious price: participating together with Diadema in the 19th Edition of the Festival del Habano. The final was played between the teams from: Torino, Napoli, Monselice and Iseo. Unfortunately Matelica’s team could not participate due to the earthquakes that have been hitting the center of the Italic Peninsula.

The four teams challenged each other in the semifinal, which took place on Friday 11th; it was celebrated in the splendid Lecce Patria Palace Hotel. The proof consisted in a written test and a blind tasting. In the blind tasting, participants had to guess the brand, factory and commercial name of the two cigars which were being tasted.

Both proofs showed the high preparation level of the finalists being substantial the difficulty degree of the proofs. The score count took to the final to Napoli and Torino teams.

In addition to the multiple answer tests, and the blind tasting, the grand final also included another difficulty degree: finalists had to present to the jury a pairing between  and drink by them decided. The jury was formed by: Andrea Vincenzi (Diadema’s President), Nicola Pileggi (Cigar Club Alto Salento’s President) and Giuseppe Elefante (Diadema’s Commercial agent in Puglia’s region and representing Cigar Club Association).

Torino team, champion of "La Disfida"

Torino’s team was finally crowned champion, consequently getting the price of assisting to 2017’s edition of the Festival del Habano. Torino’s team is formed by: Cosimo Attanasi (captain), Alessio Marchi and Fabrizio Rovere.

The awards ceremony was celebrated in the Leone di Messapia hotel. Also the refined gala dinner which was enriched by the assistance of many Habano’s enthusisasts.

In addition to the prices given by Diadema, were also thanked the other sponsors: Havana Club and Cartujano which supported the whole contest. One of the main conclusions “La Disfida” has offered is the rich knowledge level about the Habano and its culture that Italian enthusiasts hold.

La Disfida Habanos Challenge


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