2023 Feb , 28

Habanos, S.A. expands Línea Montecristo Open with the launch of the Open Slam vitola

  • Habanos, S.A. presented this new vitola at the Welcome Evening held at Club Habana.
  • The new visual identity that modernizes the esthetics of Montecristo’s Open Line was also unveiled.
  • A drone show and performances by DJ Leo Milano, Circo de Cuba, Yarima Blanco, Yanet Valdés, Mónica Mesa, Máquina Perfecta and Vitrola Cuban Mix completed an evening hosted by Darianis Palenzuela.

 The Club Habana was once again the setting for a great occasion to celebrate the Welcome Evening of the 23rd Habano Festival, which will be held until next Friday, March 3rd, in La Habana. It was dedicated to the renowned Habanos, S.A. brand, Montecristo, and the highlight of the evening, hosted by Darianis Palenzuela, was the launching of the new Montecristo Open Slam vitola (52 ring gauge x 142 mm length).

This new product, with an even format and unique dimensions within the brand’s portfolio will be part of the Línea Open, Montecristo’s oldest and one of the most appreciated and recognized by Habanos enthusiasts. And it is soon to hit the market in packs containing 15 – 20 Habanos.

It comes as an addition to the four vitolas – Eagle (54 ring gauge x 150 mm length), Regata (46 ring gauge x 135 mm length), Master (50 ring gauge x 124 mm length) and Junior (38 ring gauge x 110 mm length) – that are already part of a Línea originally conceived to satisfy those Habanos aficionados who enjoy the pleasures of outdoor life.

But this was not the only novelty unveiled during this first special night of the 23rd Habano Festival. The more than 1,200 people in attendance saw a world premiere of the renewed image of the Línea Open, with reference to the logo and the bands, where the color green has greater prominence but the characteristic yellow of the Montecristo brand remains. Slam from Montecristo’s Línea Open will be the first vitola to incorporate this new visual identity. The rest of the Línea’s items will incorporate it as stock runs out.

But first of all, the Co-Presidents of Habanos, S.A., Maritza Carrillo González and Luis Sánchez-Harguindey Pardo de Vera, thanked Habanos, S.A. aficionados, distributors and professionals in the world of Habanos for their support, perseverance and hard work during the pandemic.


Unsurprisingly, good food, music and entertainment played an important part in the event. The group Teatro Fusion-Mimos and the musical artists DJ Leo Milano, Circo de Cuba, Yarima Blanco, Yanet Valdés, Mónica Mesa, and Máquina Perfecta were in charge of livening up an evening in which a drone show illuminated the sky of La Habana for the enjoyment of all those present. The renowned director of photography, filmmaker and cameraman for television, film, and video productions, Alejandro Pérez, with his project Vitrola Cuban Mix was in charge of the closing of the Festival’s inauguration evening.

That same occasion, the nominees for the 2022 Habanos Awards were announced: Danny Abadí, Alain Proietto and Blanca Alsogaray, in the Business category; Gloria de la Caridad Rodríguez, Reyniel Lázaro Rojas Medina and Yoandry Rodríguez Porras, in the Production category; and Jasim Ahmed, Yukio Kawashima and Juan Jesús Machín, in the Communication category. The names of the final winners will be announced on the last day of the Festival, at the Gala Evening.

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Habanos, S.A. expands Línea Montecristo Open with the launch of the Open Slam vitola


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