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Habanos: the passion that is passed down from generation to generation


  • For expert fathers, aficionados or amateurs, Habanos is always the perfect gift.

 Celebrations, family stories or the recipe for that dish that takes us back to our childhood are some of the traditions cherished and passions shared by each family that are passed down from generation to generation, from fathers to sons and that endure over time.

Something similar happens in terms of Habanos. The fondness for these premium cigars of Cuban origin has traditionally been passed on within family circles and close social surroundings. That is why, for International Father’s Day, to be celebrated on June 19th, a Habano could be a good idea to share and give as a gift on this special day.

Within the wide range of Habanos, we can find brands and vitolas that allow you to enjoy a variety of flavors, intensities and, of course, offer unique experiences for all kinds of smokers. There is something for everyone, from the most experienced and demanding customers to those who want to become initiated in this world and try new things.

For experienced fathers, a brand as iconic as Partagás with the Serie D No.4 vitola is always a good choice. Renowned for its quality and intense flavor that will not leave the most exquisite palates indifferent.

For aficionados looking for a Habano with a refined taste, H Upmann Propios will allow them to continue exploring the world of Cuba’s unique tobacco and enjoy the flavor and special characteristics of a limited edition.

For aficionados who have not yet fully immersed themselves in the world of Habanos but want to discover new sensations, a perfect choice is Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos. This Habano, of mild strength, 50 ring gauge and shorter in length than a Robustos, will be an attractive choice for those who like a thick gauge, and a delicate and aromatic Habano with great elegance and complexity.  Its subtle flavor and aroma are perfect for immersing yourself in the Habano culture

Habanos: the passion that is passed down from generation to generation


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