2022 Aug , 11

Habanos, your perfect travel companion for this summer


  • Whatever the destination, Habanos, S.A. offers you the perfect vitola to enjoy a unique moment on your beach, mountain, or city vacations

With summer and vacations upon us, deciding the destination where to enjoy those long-awaited days off is our main concern. Relaxing while listening to the ocean waves, enjoying the countryside, the mountains or traveling around the world to get to know other cities and cultures are some of the options we can choose during the summer.

Just as there is an ideal destination for each of us, there is a Habano to enhance the memorable experience afforded by these idyllic places, while enjoying unique moments alone or in company.

For those passionate about the Habanos’ world,who love to enjoy the mountains, forests, and adventures in nature, we propose the best travel companion for its light strength and unmistakable aroma, Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas.

The scents and flavors of brands such as H. Upmann and Romeo y Julieta are ideal for enjoying the sun and the beach. What better choice than Propios of H. Upmann, and Petit Royales of Romeo y Julieta to take pleasure from an unforgettable sunset by the sea.

On the other hand, Trinidad La Trova is a suggestive vitola for aficionados who prefer more urban summer destinations. It is a vitola with a 52- ring gauge x 166-mm length of medium strength and an ideal format for those who like thick-ring gauge Habanos with a long length. A Habano designed for La Casa del Habano and Especialistas Habanos specialized stores.

Regardless of the place and the vitola you choose, a Habano is an excellent companion to enjoy the summer and its most relaxing moments. The most important thing is to keep it well preserved at a constant temperature and humidity.  This will ensure it does not lose its properties and will maintain the quality and aromas that make Habanos unique in the world.

Habanos, your perfect travel companion for this summer


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