2019 Mar , 25

Homage to one of the biggest Cuban tobacco producers/vegueros

March the 20th, 2019 we would be celebrating the 100 birthday of Alejandro Robaina one of the biggest and most recognized tobacco producer/veguero of Cuba; and who always captivated us with his humility. His face constantly reflected wisdom, trust, loyalty and tradition. Excellent producer of shade-grown tobacco, and considered by many a living symbol of the good ways when in the tobacco industry and therefore, a great ambassador for the precious Habano.

Robaina was an old-school guajiro (person who works the land) but a natural scientific at the same time who knew what need it to be done and when was the right time to do it. He was a constant source of experience, a person of vast nature-related knowledge. And because he always did an excellent work he became the mirror where his colleges look at with trust and admiration.

He was a teacher for everybody, despite the fact that he barely knew how to write.
His beloved rocking chair is still on the porch of his humble house and from there he still smells, looks after, lives and feels the Cuban tobacco like the old guardian he was.


Homage to one of the biggest Cuban tobacco producers/vegueros


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