2004 May , 20

Hearty Impulse


Portugal is participating for the first time at the Commercial Fair and, during this VI edition of the Habanos Festival, she does so by launching a new brand: Montecristo Deleggend. Within the exhibition framework, Habanos talks to Rui Graça – who is responsible for Montecristo textile branch – about the textile manufacturing company Arcotêxteis.

Rui Graça: As Oscar Wilde put it, that which is not necessary is what matters most. It is a state of the spirit, a life style. We are proposing a different life style, not a good in fashion.

Habanos: What are you relying on in order to achieve this goal?

RG: The good we are proposing is only for men, it is very classic; a reconstructed classic as we call it, detail by detail. We are having every small particular into account, since we intend to manufacture a highest level good, a luxury good that we are going to make rank with the most demanded ones worldwide. I am speaking about designs such as those of Armani, Cerutti … Arcotêxteis has a factory that is regarded as one of the most important ones round the textiles world. We have the most advanced spinning techniques and sell our goods to the best manufacturers.

H: What is the purpose of this union?

RG: We have come to an agreement with Habanos so as to develop a textile good and launch it to the world arena with the Montecristo brand. We are going to open shops offering only Montecristo goods, and we have anticipated to start this year in Portugal, in early September in Lisbon, the capital. Later, we are going to initiate the next season in Barcelona in December, in January at most, and extend it to other cities in Europe.

H: Why to bet on a joint-venture?

RG: Building a brand implies high investment, this is why the solution we have worked out has been to share the exploitation rights of a brand well known worldwide. Montecristo is a most luxurious good, so we have gladly come to this joint-venture with Habanos.

H: Where did this impulse spring from?

RG: It comes from our heart. Arcotêxteis has already got a very high standing in Europe and round the world, concerning textiles. We think the next step is this: conceiving a brand in fashion departing from Arcotêxteis, with a well-known, prestigious Cuban name such as Montecristo, since Cuba is a state of the spirit that we, European Latins, enjoy much.

Hearty Impulse


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