2003 Feb , 25

Inauguration of the Theoretical Seminar of the 5th Habanos Festival

seminario-vfOn February 27th, the Theoretical Seminar in the framework of the 5th Habanos Festival was inaugurated. This important meeting was presided by Eusebio Leal, Historian of the City, Oscar Basulto and Jaime García-Andrades, co-presidents of Habanos S.A., as well as other renowned personalities of this prestigious company.

After the opening speech given by Manuel Garcia Morejon, Commercial Deputy President of Habanos S.A., the participants of this Seminar had the opportunity to listen to the master conference given by Eusebio Leal, who talked about topics related to the culture of the Cuban cigar, as well as the process of tranculturation that took place in the American countries.

noticiashaciendotabaco02-2003The Seminar, that will be held in two sessions, showed in its first session the manufacture of an Habano so as to allow each person attended the activity to know about this work. Later, interesting topics were discussed among professionals, consumers, distributors and researchers of the Habano, and the most discussed topic was “Duty free and the Habanos”, due to the importance reached by the Cuban cigar in the duty free market throughout the history.

The International and Theoretical Seminar of the 5th Habanos Festival is the ideal scenery for specialists and lovers of good smoking to talk about different topics related to the Cuban cigar.

Inauguration of the Theoretical Seminar of the 5th Habanos Festival


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