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4th International Symposium Habana-Habanos 2011

The Tobacco Museum of the City Historian´s Office in Havana announces the 4th Habana-Habanos International Symposium which will be held in the Historic Center of the city from July 5th – 8th, 2011 and the post-event course which will be held from July 8th – 13th, 2011.

The meeting has been sponsored by Habanos, S.A. and will gather historians, museum specialists, researchers involved in different fields, journalists, collectors, artists, traders, sommeliers, bartenders and others interested in this topic with the aims to:

Exchange on researches undertaken up to now by the social, natural and technological sciences in the field of the Cuban tobacco industry.
Discuss on the history of habanos after they entered in other world regions and how they were accepted and also, on the markets, trademarks, accounts linked with the trade and nouveau issues related with this topic.
Join efforts underway by specialists in the field of tobacco culture with the aims to design future join projects of work.


  1. Historic, cultural and socioeconomic aspects of the Cuban tobacco industry.
    • Points concerned with the history of tobacco industry in the island and its impact on society, particularly stressing on researches on the social history of families devoted to cultivation or the industry of tobacco would be dealt with.
  2. Cultivation, pre-manufacture and the Cuban industry of cigars.
    • It includes topics related with Premium cigars, the mechanical process and cigarettes, traditional forms of cultivation and changes in the techniques used by the industry. Current scientific and technological accomplishments and the programs currently implemented and its international impact would be discussed.
  3. Habanos, “unique since 1492”.
    • This point would basically stress on the historic and socioeconomic analysis of habanos and how they arrived and took a position in different regions and countries of the world. Markets, local accounts and trademarks along centuries and their distinction in different zones would be included as well.
  4. Art & Habanos.
    • It would show the impact of the Cuban tobacco industry on different areas of culture, namely lithographs, literature, architecture, handicrafts, plastic arts, cinema and others.
  5. Habanos: its close association with other items and culture.
    • Assessing the cultural and identity phenomenon that lies behind tasting habanos would be the objective under this point. Papers on the marketing, gastronomy and other related areas may be presented.

 A working session of the symposium would be devoted to the annual meeting of members of the Cultural Proyect “Women friends of Habanos” with the aims to exchange on their first year of work and future prospects.

Post Event Course

The post event course, Habanos: its close association with other items and culture would begin upon conclusion of the symposium. Specialists involved in restoration and habanos marketing, sommeliers, bartenders, gastronomic salesclerks, maîtres, salesclerks in habanos shops and points of sale would take part. The proposal of this second international course would be basically focused on rums, habanos and coffee. Anyway, other drinks may be included considering their close links with cigars. Participants in the course would pay for it upon paying the registration fee and no additional payments are required.

For any additional information, please contact:

Lic. Zoe Nocedo Primo
Presidenta del Comité Organizador del Simposio Internacional Habana-Habanos 2011

Tobacco MuseumMercaderes 120 entre Obispo y Obrapía, La Habana Vieja, Cuba
Phone: +53 7 861 5795

4th International Symposium Habana-Habanos 2011


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