2018 Dec , 12

The new Edición Regional 2018 for Switzerland is arriving on the Swiss market

The Gloria Cubana Orgullosos come in the popular “109”-vitola with a ring gauge of 50 and a length of 184mm. After the Clásicos by Punch in 2011, it’s only the second time that the shape has been used for a Swiss regional edition. This vitola is not used for any standard product line of Habanos, S.A. The 109 is a very special shape and the elaboration of this cigar is only entrusted to the very best cigar rollers of the factory. This jewel is an illustration of the incomparable know-how of the Cuban master cigar rollers who can be really proud of their skills. Orgullosos means “the proud ones”, in reference to the cigar rollers and completes the brand’s name “La Gloria Cubana”, the Cuban glory. The Gloria Cubana Orgullosos are available in boxes of 10 cigars, the total production is limited to 6000 boxes. They will be available on the 14th of November in the Casa del Habano and starting on the 21st of November in Habanos Specialist shops. The Swiss market has 3 Casas del Habano: La Casa del Habano Basel Address: Aeschenvorstadt 48, Basel, 4051 Phone: +41 (0)61 272 57 75 Email: La Casa del Habano Zürich Address: Bleicherweg 18, Zürich, 8002 Phone: +41 (0)44 202 12 11 Fax: +41 (0)44 202 12 01 Email: Web: La Casa del Habano Lugano Address: Via Motta 12, Lugano, 6900 Phone: +41 (0)91 922 57 43 Email: Web: They also have around 30 Habanos Specialists. For further info about these retailers, please visit La Gloria Cubana Orgullosos : Edición Regional Suiza 2018 10 cigars per box Format: 109 (50 x 184mm) RSP per Box: 290.- CHF.

The new Edición Regional 2018 for Switzerland is arriving on the Swiss market


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