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Montecristo L’Esprit Collection

Habanos, S.A joins forces with Domaine Lafage wineries to create a unique product, the “Montecristo L ‘Esprit” Wine Collection. A fascinating collaboration arisen from the “savoir faire” of the unique wines of Domaine Lafage under the prestigious Montecristo Habanos brand, which is identified by its solid component of history and distinction. Named under the French surname L’Esprit, these wines are an extension to a fabulous series of three humidors in collaboration with S.T. Dupont to celebrate their 150th anniversary. The concept and image built are also unfolded in this collection, attributing them notoriety and elegance.

The “Montecristo L ’Esprit” Collection was exclusively presented at the Habanos Moment during the XXIV Habano Festival, in an exclusive pairing that emphasized the distinctive traits that these three wines recreate with the pairing of a cigar with a unique identity like Montecristo Leyenda. Giving the privilege to participants to delight in the tasting of a new product from the brand diversification of Habanos, S.A. that enhanced such a prestigious event and that they will surely want to repeat.

Domaine Lafage and Montecristo, centuries of tradition

The Lafage family has been established in the heart of the French Roussillon since 1798. With its origins in Maury, the estate is now established between Perpignan and Canet-en-Roussillon in a traditional Catalan farmhouse from the 15th century near the Mediterranean Sea. After 6 generations of winemakers, they combine international technical experience with traditional know-how.

The Domaine’s vineyards stretch from the shores of the Mediterranean to the foothills of the Pyrenees. The dispersion of the plots, distributed like a mosaic throughout the Catalan territory, reflects the meticulous choice of the different terroirs worked and acquired over the last 2 decades.

The Montecristo brand of French origin has a narrative support and a powerful history. This classic and reputed brand among smokers, with its distinguished aroma and its “Totally hand-made” vitolas, has captivated both experienced smokers and those who are new to the world of Habanos. Made after a careful selection of wrapper, filler, and binder leaves from the vegas of the most prestigious area, Vuelta Abajo*, in the Pinar del Río* region, Cuba, and produced by expert Cuban cigar rollers.

Montecristo is also an attractive and innovative brand for the general public, its values are appreciated by those passionate who respect tradition but they are open to new proposals and to explore new experiences with the brand.

The Montecristo L ‘Esprit wine collection recreates the exciting personal story of Edmond Dantes, his years of innocence represented by “Le Crépuscule”, the overcoming of disappointments and the most difficult moments where the character finds inner strength, represented by “La Nuit” and finally the redemption and joy represented by “L´Aurore”.

The Montecristo L ‘Esprit range comes from three distinct parcels that we invite you to discover through these exceptional wines.

*(P.A.O.) Protected Appellations of Origin

Le Crépuscule

Made with Mourvèdre, Syrah, and Grenache grape. It comes from a selection of vines around the town of Maury, in the valley of l’Agly, where they benefit from an exceptional exposure on black schist soils.


Manual harvest. Traditional vinification. 30% of the harvest is vinified with whole clusters. Long maceration, followed by more than 18 months of barrel aging.


With its garnet red color, this wine seduces at first glance. Its captivating nose combines spicy notes and aromas of garrigue of red and black fruits, which continue on the palate, evolving with touches of licorice and a delicate floral touch. The finish, fresh and persistent, is carried by very smooth tannins. Ideal to accompany ribs, grilled duck breast or dry cheeses.

Limited production of 2000 bottles.

La Nuit

Made with Carignan, Syrah, Grenache grape varieties. It comes from a vineyard between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, on granitic sand soil in the valley of l’Agly. Benefiting from a privileged exposure, the grapes are hand-harvested in small boxes when they are perfectly ripe. The late harvest brings a softer texture and a sweet finish. The grapes are selected to keep only the best bunches.


Fermentation at 30 degrees to obtain more color and fruit. Maceration for 4 to 5 weeks, with manual punching down daily. Traditional vinification. 100% of the wine is aged in barrels for 18 months.


This wine is extraordinarily complex, revealing a harmonious fusion of ripe black fruits, enhanced by delicate notes of sweet spices and licorice. The subtle vanilla finish is long and rich. Delicious with roasted or stewed red meats.

Limited production to 2000 bottles.

L’ Aurore

Made with Mourvèdre, Syrah, Grenache grape varieties. This wine comes from a vineyard enjoying an exceptional situation, more than 300 meters above sea level over the plains of Roussillon, in the heart of the garrigue, on schist-marble soil.


Manual harvest in 10 kg boxes. Each plot is vinified separately in open vats, with manual punching down for better extraction. Aged in barrels for more than 18 months.


Intense and deep red color. Complex and vanilla-scented nose with notes of ripe red and black fruits mixed with aromas of garrigue and licorice, as well as a touch of coffee. On the palate, it is rich and concentrated, broad and structured, with good length and a long and elegant finish. Delicious with refined cuisine.

Limited production of 2000 bottles.

This Collection is especially aimed at lovers of Habanos and great connoisseurs of this very exclusive world.

Montecristo L’Esprit Collection


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