2021 Jun , 15

New Habanos Especialista and Habanos Lounge in Uganda

The Habanos Specialist and Habanos Lounge concepts which are highly appreciated by aficionados, have now also established their presence in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

Phoenicia T.A.A Cyprus, the Exclusive Distributor of Habanos, S.A. for the Middle East, Africa and Europe, has granted the status of Habanos Specialist and Habanos Lounge, to the “CUBAN EXCLUSIVE” cigar store, through its client for the local market of Uganda, “Cafesserie Uganda Ltd”.

In this beautiful and luxurious space, whether it is for buying or enjoying a good Habano, the   premium cigars enthusiasts can find a walk-in humidor, housing an assortment of Habanos for our most emblematic brands, while maintaining ideal humidity and temperature conditions up to standards of Habanos.


The lounge of the shop is tastefully designed, for cigar aficionados may enjoy with a comfortable and complete experience the tasting of Habano.



Contact Details:

  • Tel: +256 784 644316
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New Habanos Especialista and Habanos Lounge in Uganda


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