2018 Nov , 6

The first Habanos Specialist in Norway

Sol Cigar Co. founded back in 1911 by Elias Petterøe and a familiar property since then,  It is located in the same building originally (Henrik Ibsens No 28, Oslo, very close to the Royal Palace).

Through over a hundred years and two world wars, Sol Cigar Co. has supplied Norway with quality products, and stands today as one of the last specialized tobacconist in the country. Today, Sol Cigar Co. is owned and run by Bjørg Svenøe since 1977

Sol Cigar Co. has always sold Cuban cigars, except in the years after 1959.

The shop has a wide range Habanos portfolio; including more than 20 brands (151 Vitolas) as well as a great selection of Habanos Vintage that have been aged for more than 10 years.

Habanos Nordic AB is given to Sol Cigar Co. the Habanos Specialist category , being the first shop with this type in Norway.

The first Habanos Specialist in Norway


Habanos are made
completely by hand

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