2012 Mar , 31

First Habanos Specialist stores in Denmark


During 13 th. and 14 th. of March the executives for Habanos Nordic A.B, the exclusive distributor for Habanos in Scandinavian territories made the first three Habanos Specialist stores in Denmark, a country located on the south part of the Scandinavian region.


Vinspecialisten, a specialized store selling a exclusive variety of wines, located in Svendborg region have had the proud of becoming the first Habanos Specialist store in Denmark, today, inside its wide walking humidor are exhibited more than 18 different Habanos brands which will be increased, according to Tomas Perdersen s comments who is the Managing Director for the shop.


 H.J. HansenVin in Odense city and Pibehuset Vinspecialisten based in Arhus where also included in the list, Mr. Rene Overgaard and Mr. Claus G. Christensen the Managers fro the shops showed a strong commitment for maintaining and developing the concept.

 This is the first step for the strategy that has started in Sweden during 2011 and expects finalizing the year having covered al the Scandinavian territories.


First Habanos Specialist stores in Denmark


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