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Puro Tabaco S.A., presented the second Regional Edition for the Southern Cone: Juan López “Gran Patagon”

The roots of the values inherited by the peoples of the Southern Cone are closely linked to the so-called Original tribes. In honor of the native peoples of Patagonia, it is presented in the Juan López Habanos brand, “Gran Patagon”, 52 ring gauge x 135 mm length, is the vitola selected for the 2021 Regional Edition and its exclusive distribution in the Argentine markets , Chile and Uruguay.

The special launch took place last Thursday, April 20th, 2023, at 7:00 p.m., at the luxurious Masaii restaurant in Martínez, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and was carried out simultaneously with the sub-distributors Comercial Cigar Chile Ltda. in ¨La Casa del Habano¨ in Santiago, Chile, and Zincro, in ¨Casa Betalba¨, Montevideo, Uruguay, with a total of 160 guests.

On the banks of the Río de la Plata, in the Masaii Restaurant, the night began with a Trinidad Short accompanied by a Gin Tonic smoked with flower and elder wood from Patagonia, providing a balanced pairing. After a gourmet Patagonian dinner, the guests enjoyed the star of the evening, the ¨Gran Patagon¨ Habano and the pairing with the “Edmundo” cocktail, Vecchio Amaro del Capo, Havana Club Añejo 7 year old rum, Vermouth Rosso and orange slice, Presented by the Habano Sommelier Héctor Vega from the company Dellepiane S.A., in honor of the 2nd Juan López Gran Patagón Regional Edition, which links the meaning of Edmundo: “the one who protects his lands” with the name of the vitola.

The evening was accompanied by His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in Argentina Mr. Pedro Pablo Prada, and Mr. Guido Varas, Tobacco Coordinator of the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Argentina. After the launch video, Mr. Favio Palazzi, General Manager, and Mrs. Liudmila Bles Argote, Puro Tabaco S.A. Corporate Manager, presented the Regional Edition. Favio Palazzi expressed: “the thanks to those present for their attendance and the emotions generated by the presentation of the second Regional Edition in the Southern Cone”. Next, His Excellency Ambassador Mr. Pedro Pablo Prada, also addressed the guests and among his words he quoted: “… enjoy your exquisite Gran Patagon, you have jewels in your hands…”. With a delicious chocolate dessert, the parade of exotic pairings and flavors that customers and guests enjoyed culminated.

On the other side of Patagonia, at the foot of the Hotel W, in Santiago, La Casa del Habano in Santiago, Chile, received its guests with an exclusive Gin Gabri, made with botanicals and waters from Chilean Patagonia, considered the most pure in the world, paired with different recipes based on the famous Chilean (king crab).

The first Habano of the night, San Cristóbal de La Habana “El Príncipe”, was tasted together with the wonderful Kenoz Sturgeon Caviar, produced in southern Chile, paired with Wild Patagonian Vodka Gabri. The main course was the classic Patagonian Lamb made al palo, served over Spanish cedar wood coals. At that moment, the Juan López “Gran Patagon” Regional Edition was presented, which received an ovation from the guests after the detailed description given by the host of the evening, Mr. José Miguel Salvador, Sub-distributor of Habanos in Chile and owner of The House of Habano Chile.

The pairing that accompanied this splendid Habano was, nothing less, than Ron Santiago de Cuba 12 years. End the night with a dessert of dark chocolate Habanos filled with dulce de leche, served in steaming Habanos boxes. The evening was accompanied by the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in Chile Mrs. Mercedes Vicente and the Counselor Mr. Lisván Aleaga, from the same Embassy. Along with them attended the members of the Club de Fumadores and important representatives of the Chilean business and protocol world.

North of the Río de la Plata at Betalba House, Montevideo, Uruguay, guests and clients began the evening with a Partagás Mille Fleurs paired with a signature cocktail. As the evening progressed, everyone enjoyed a menu based on authentic Patagonian recipes such as Bruschetta with raw ham and Rosa with smoked salmon. The pairing of the Regional Edition Juan López “Gran Patagon” was with Ron Angostura 1787 and was accompanied with a gourmet choice of meat, chicken and salmon. For dessert, some thin leaves of dark chocolate were enjoyed and the toast with a sparkling 2022 from Wine storehouse Valle de las Lágrimas, a national artisan production. The presentation of the Regional Edition was in charge of the Habanos Sub-distributor in Uruguay, Mr. Federico Ravera. Also in attendance were the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in Uruguay, Mrs. Zulan Popa Danel, Msc, and the Commercial Counselor, Msc. Mr. Ezequiel Diaz.

The three events were connected by streaming, and all the guests raised their glasses in a toast for the reception of the second Regional Edition in the Southern Cone in the Juan López Habanos brand with its “Gran Patagon” vitola, proceeding to the formal greeting of the Most Excellent Cuban Ambassadors, of the Managers and Puro Tabaco S.A’s Distributors. The evenings were harmonized with traditional music from the Southern Cone and Cuban Son.

The Regional Edition received praise from the guests and this is how they described their experience: “it is a poem”; “very balanced”; “unique flavor”; “Even, impeccable from the first puff”; “an impeccable shot”; “It has a marked character with an elegant sweetness”; “It is quite an experience to travel through the flavors and intensities that this sublime Habano shows us”; “Extraordinary construction, congratulations to the twisters who made our Regional!”.

Puro Tabaco S.A., presented the second Regional Edition for the Southern Cone: Juan López “Gran Patagon”


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