2012 Feb , 9

Revered famous Habanos in Egyptian capital

Habanos won in the capital of Egypt another domain for their undisputed world reign, after two promotional nights in an atmosphere doubly steaming with attractive cocktails, music and images of Cuba.

At the gathering in the Embassy Cigar Lounge, sponsored by the Cuban ambassador in Cairo, Otto Vaillant, and the manager of the Kempinski Nile hotel, Fuat Koroglu several of the best known Habanos brands, specially Cohiba and Romeo y Julieta, were at the mercy of experts smokers and neophytes who succumbed to the temptation to smoke, chewing or inhaling snuff leaves black, some made into cigars by Cuban rollers skill of Ida Torres, reports Prensa Latina.

The usual image of men, cigar in hand and exhaling smoke, joined the women of different ages, including marketing professionals and the news, feeling a product by its unique spirit many here know only in magazines, films and showcases.

The initiative exceeded forecasts, as assessed the primary audience for the promotion, who included executives from travel agencies, publishers and sub-editors heads of Egyptian newspapers and magazines, including publications.

Also revered Habanos, hotel and bank managers, businessmen, politicians and heads of national TV channels.



Revered famous Habanos in Egyptian capital


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