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Humidors Auction 2007

Lot No. 1
H. Upmann Humidor

humidorHUpmannixThe H. Upmann Brand was created in 1844 by the Hermann and August H. Upmann brothers, and has since then enjoyed tremendous international recognition, starting with its success in winning many gold medals in world fairs held in the 19th century.

Featuring a wide array of sizes to delight its loyal smokers, H. Upmann is a world-class brand name. In 2005, Habanos S.A. recognized H. Upmann as a global brand. It is highly coveted in the world market and attracts smokers who look for a light to medium ?avoured Habanos such as Sir Winston, Magnum 46, Coronas Majors amongst others.

Item Features

This Humidor harmoniously recreates the main attributes of the brand: a powerful image that has proved its value through time and a traditional recognition that has enabled it to amass major prizes and awards since its creation back in 1844. Completely handmade in solid cedar, this item offers shapes and forms that are very much in keeping with the brand’s attributes, featuring simple decorative elements that re?ect the traditional sobriety of the brand. The humidor highlights the brand name, the logo and some elements of the brand’s cigar ring. The elegance of the humidor is enhanced through the use of some speci?c techniques: Joinery and Marquetry, with high levels of complexity, precision and hand crafting, making it a top-notch collector’s item where Art and Aesthetics are happily combined.

It contains: 160 Habanos: 20 Sir Winston, 20 Upmann No.2, 20 Magnum 46, 50 Prominentes and 50 Magnum 50.

Materials and Dimensions of the humidor: Mahogany, Cedar, Majagua. Dimensions: 1,10 x 0,67 x 0,42 m.

Artisan’s Information

This Humidor has been elaborated by artisan Joel Crespo Pérez, a self-taught craftsman who works as a blacksmith and a highly-skilled restorer of antiques. He has a vast experience in the production of furniture and special boxes for the Cuban cigar industry. His Humidors have been sold in previous auctions of Habanos Festivals. Samples of his restored works are to be found in various hotels and restaurants in Havana City.

Lot No.2
Partagás Humidor

humidorPartagasixPartagás, a brand created in 1845, is still attracting more and more admirers of its ?avour and character. All its sizes are immediately recognized by its rich and intense ?avor and some of them have become emblematic through the years such as the classic 8-9-8, the traditional Lusitania, the attractive Series D No. 4 and the majestic Serie P No.2, among others.

This modern humidor – produced and donated for this Auction by Mr Michel Perrenoud, incorporates all the “know-how”, of this famous and talented “humidorier” from Switzerland. By donating this masterpiece, he is offering us the possibility to keep an entire selection of Partagás cigars in perfect condition for smoking with calm and delight.

It contains 120 Habanos: 10 Lusitanias, 10 Serie P No.2, 50 Serie D No. 4 and 50 Serie D No. 3. The latter, is one of the best-selling Limited Edition releases to date.

Item Features

A pyramid-shaped humidor in solid mahogany incorporating Partagás logo on the base elaborated by Michel Perrenoud in the small town of La Chaux-des-Fonds in Switzerland.

The wood comes from lumber plantations controlled by the regulations of the Keurhout foundation and according to the ITTO and UNCED preservation rules for forests.

The ironworks and the passive system humidi?er are produced by specialist technician working at the Perrenoud factory, which was founded in 1973.

This unique model “Pièce Unique” needed many working hours and more than 100 operations to create it. 12 layers of lacquer have been carefully applied and it is polished by hand. Dimensions: 0,52 x 0,52 x 1,25 m.

Lot No. 3
Vegas Robaina

HumidorRobainaixHumidor Vegas Robaina Brand was created in June 1997. Its name comes from the idea of celebrating years of tradition and centuries-old knowledge and non-stop work of the Cuban “Veguero” or farm worker in the shape of one of the most prestigious tobacco growers: the legendary Alejandro Robaina, the “Habanos Ambassador”, who has become an example for younger generations of “vegueros”.

In 2007, we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the brand; a brand which has gained an increased number of followers, due to its classic formats, because of its distinguished aroma and the prestige of his tobacco plantations.

Its blend, composed from selected tobacco leaves grown in the Vuelta Abajo region of Pinar del Río province, has a richness and aroma with distinctive characteristics.

Item Features

This humidor is made of Cuban cedar wood that has an aroma as natural as that of Cuban tobacco.

Some of the corporate brand elements are highlighted in the humidor, which looks like a Curing Barn, a sacred place for the “veguero”, where the process of natural air curing of the leaf guarantees the quality of each Habano.

The Curing Barn is one of the great symbols of the tradition and experience of Cuban vegueros because it is there that much of their time devoted to tobacco has been spent over the centuries.

It’s a carefully handmade humidor with a clear cut ?nish. A classic design that communicates the zeal, the tradition and the experience of the veguero, enhancing the humidor itself and reinforcing the brand’s attributes.

It is a unique piece with a depth of meaning and artistic value for collectors. It contains: 200 Habanos: A sample of the brand’s standard portfolio (Don Alejandro, Únicos, Familiar, Famosos y Clásicos) with 20 Habanos of each sizes and 2 sizes, which do not belong to its regular portfolio.: 50 Dobles and 50 Gorditos. Dimensions: 1,35 x 0,65 x 0, 75 m.

Artisans’ Information

This humidor has been developed by the DECUBA group under the creative direction and execution of J L Milan Dominguez and with the participation of Adalberto Gonzalez.

J. L. Milan Domínguez, is a member of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods, of?cial biographer of Alejandro Robaina. He is founder and Coordinator of the DECUBA group of artisans. From 1995 he works with Habanos s.a., Exclusive Distributors and Casas del Habano in the development of new products and the organization of events related to the culture of the tobacco. He has participated in 15 international events and 12 personal works have been auctioned. The Montecristo 70th Anniversary and Romeo and Julieta 130th Anniversary Humidors were auctioned in the VII and VIII Habanos Festivals.

Adalberto González Albisa, is a member of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods. It has participated in 12 international events and 10 pieces of important value like the Hoyo de Monterrey Humidor auctioned at the 4th Habanos Festival.

The works of the DECUBA group have been exhibited at 8 Habanos Trade Fairs, 5 Craft Fairs and they are commercialized with success in several markets. They stand out for their artistic value, originality and well-known quality and include the following examples: Anniversary V of Vegueros, Montecristo Compay Second 95, Vegas Robaina Anniversary 83, 85 and 86; The Habanos Collection of Partagás 2002, Hoyo de Monterrey 2003, Romeo and Julieta 2004, Montecristo 2005 and Trinidad 2006.

Lot No. 4
Montecristo Humidor and Compay Segundo Picture

HumidorMontecristoixMontecristo, created in 1935, is the world’s best-known Habanos brand. It was named after the hero of the book The Count of Montecristo by French writer Alexandre Dumas.

The Montecristo range of sizes attracts the most demanding smokers. Its exquisite blend is made up of exclusive tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region, the land of the world’s ?nest tobacco. Its medium-to-full ?avour and peerless aroma keep captivating the hearts of both the most experienced smokers and newcomers worldwide. In 2004 Montecristo Edmundo was launched with remarkable success in all the markets. At the end of 2006 the Petit Edmundo reached the markets and, like its bigger brother, is gaining more and more followers every day.

Now in 2007, this legendary brand welcomes a Reserva cigar. Reserva is a title given to exceptional cigars made exclusively from tobaccos that have been specially aged for three years. A limited quantity will be made to be sold in numbered, black lacquered boxes of 20 Habanos. The size chosen is the Montecristo No. 4, the most popular size of Habano in the world. The Montecristo No. 4 Reserva pays homage to this wonderful cigar and all the smokers who enjoy it.

Item Features

The humidor is based on the spirit of the novel by Alexandre Dumas: The Count of Montecristo.It is about the return of the Pharaoh, the ship that Edmundo Dantes commanded before becoming the Count of Montecristo.

It is a piece that recaptures the legend and turns it into a humidor with all the genuine ?avor of the legend.

In fact, the humidor consists of several sculptures made in Silver, German nickel and Brass. It presents two sculptures at the stern that represent guardians at both corners, aimed at decorating and protecting the masterpiece from “evil spirits”.

The bowsprit ?gurehead, an ornamental sculpture with a man’s face that enhances the artistic and aesthetic level of the piece, compensates the structure of the ship’s bow. Crowning this work of art, in the upper part, there is a sculpture that is based in the most intimate feelings and character of the novel of Alexandre Dumas. It represents in a surrealist way the fusion of a dinosaur with an elephant, emphasizing the slender elegance of the pachyderm. It has a mechanism that is used to access and to lower the secretaire that lies in the base of the upper sculpture of the piece. This humidor also has 3 wheels of mahogany and dagame that provide mobility and originality to the masterpiece.

It contains: 250 Habanos: 10 Montecristo A, y 20 habanos of each one of the following sizes, elaborated specially for this occasion: Montecristo Especial, Montecristo Especial no.2, Montecristo No.1, Montecristo No.2, Montecristo No.3, Montecristo No. 4, Montecristo No.5 Montecristo Joyitas, Montecristo Edmundo, Montecristo Petit Edmundo, Montecristo Robustos Limited Edition 2006, Maravillas No.1. These 2 sizes do not belong to the regular portfolio of the brand. Dimensions: 1,26 x 1,40 x 0,59 m.

Artisan’s Information

José Ernesto Aguilera Reina is an artisan, designer and self taught-Cuban goldsmith. He has wide experience and has been participated in many fairs and exhibitions in Cuba and abroad.

His works decorate various reception rooms, libraries, restaurants and murals in hotels in Havana. In the 1995 he was granted the distinction of “Master Craftsman” by the Cuban Ministry of Construction.

Since 1994 his works are marketed in different galleries of Arts. He exported 2 important humidors to France, and other works to Italy, United States, Russia, Germany and Mexico. He has participated in auctions and in other activities of great importance for Habanos s.a.:

  • Auction of the 7th Habanos Festival (Punch, 2005)
  • Auction of the 8th Habanos Festival (Montecristo, 2006)
  • Donation of El Quijote Picture, Auction 8th Habanos Festival (2006)
  • Curator of Guayasamín humidors
  • Replica of an H.Upmann Ancient humidor (Special Series 2006)
  • Replica of a Partagás Ancient Humidor (Special Series 2007)

cuadroCompayixAdded to this lot is a beautiful picture featuring an excellent photographic reproduction -unpublished in its composition -of the Maestro Compay Segundo. Compay was a loyal Habanos smoker, mainly of Montecristo, and this year marks the centennial of his birth. This picture was donated for this auction by the photographer Miguel J. Puldón Villareal.

Photographer Information

Miguel J. Puldón Villarreal.Fotógrafo Cubano (1951)

He has been working for twenty-?ve years as photographer and has carried out 50 exhibitions (31 personal and 19 collective), 4 of them in other countries, such as Italy, Panama, Malaysia and at this moment an itinerant exhibition of his work is being exhibited in Malaysia and China. Several painters have been inspired by his pictures for their creations; among them Milton Bernal, who presented the outstanding musician’s painting of Compay Segundo, in the auction of the 7th Habanos Festival (2005).

He has exhibited in important galleries and other places of interest such as: Gallery Weil Art in Panama, Museum of Fine arts in Cuba, Convent of San Francisco de Asis, Conde de Villanueva hotel , Tobacco Museum, at the Conventions Center and in numerous Casas del Habanos and hotels of Cuba. He has participated in exhibitions summoned by the Fototeca of Cuba, by the UNEAC, by the ACAA, for the Of?ce of the Historian of Havana City, for Habanos s.a., etc.

Lot No. 5
Cohiba Humidor

HumidorCohibaixThe name COHIBA was suggested by Celia Sánchez in 1966 and it quickly became famous starting from the registration of the brand. When it appeared in the international markets it was already well-known.

It is the most prestigious and elitist brand in the world of cigars. Cohiba is an ancient Indian word used by the Taínos to name “the bunch of leaves that they smoked”.

For many years the brand was only used as of?cial gifts for heads of state and government personalities, national and foreign, up until 1982 when its international commercialization began.

It is made in the legendary cigar factory El Laguito, in Havana. The leaves used in the making of Cohiba are “the selection of the selection” of the best Vegas in San Juan y Martinez ‘and San Luis areas, in the region of Vuelta Abajo, Pinar del Río.

Cohiba also has one feature which makes it stand out from other Habano brands: Two of Cohiba’s ?ller leaves, the seco and ligero, undergo a third fermentation, which adds smoothness to the blend and an unmatchable aroma that can only be found within this brand.

Item Features

This work consists in 1 sculpture and 3 majestic humidors, created by the noted sculptor and goldsmith RAÚL VALLADARES VALDÉS, a unique piece, to which he dedicated an entire year of work, with a puri?ed technique and a very personal, original, exquisite style and with a high aesthetic sense. It is a rigorous sculpture dedicated to women in general; those who smoke cigars, those who roll cigars. It represents a genuine fusion between the elitism of the brand and the most beautiful creation of the human form.

It contains 400 habanos: A unique collection, which incorporates all Cohiba lines:

 Línea Clásica: (Launched 1982)40 Lanceros

  • 40 Coronas Especiales
  • 20 Panetelas
  • 20 Exquisitos
  • 20 Robustos
  • 40 Espléndidos

Línea 1492: (Launched 1992)

  • 40 Siglo I
  • 40 Siglo II
  • 40 Siglo III
  • 40 Siglo IV
  • 40 Siglo V
  • 40 Siglo VI

Línea Maduro 5: (Launched in 2007)

  • 20 Secretos
  • 10 Mágicos
  • 10 Genios

Materials and Dimensions of the Humidor:

It’s made of Gold, Silver, Brass, Carrara Marble, Mahogany and Cedar. Dimensions: 2.40 x 1. 70 x 0.80 m.

Artisan’s Information

Raúl Valladares Valdés: Born in Havana City in 1960, Raul is a self-taught sculptor and Cuban goldsmith, who has shown his work at numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Cuba and abroad. He is a very well-known artist in the world of Habanos for his luxurious Cohiba humidors in previous auctions. His educational work is recognized in the world of goldsmiths and Cuban sculptors, and he is also highlighted as collaborator on community and cultural activities in events that have contributed to the cultural development of the country.

He has obtained numerous prizes, medals and homages: Reward in the Biennial V “Domingo Ravenet”. Gallery Domingo Ravenet (1994). Reward to the best gold work sample, granted by Coral Negro in the 5th Edition of the International Craft Trade FIART’95. Gold Medal to a humidor line in the XV International Fair of the Havana (FIAH 1997). Medal Picasso granted by the World Council of the UNESCO (1997), Reward of the Cuba Association of Artisans and Artists (ACAA,1997). He has been honored in several occasions for his artistic work for the government of the town where he lives and for other Cuban institutions. Amongst his achievements as an artist is the accolade as the best sculptor of 2003, granted by the magazine BT Design Art Gallery, one of the most respected art magazines at a world level. He was honored with the distinction of the National Culture granted by the Council of State of Cuba.

He is the creator of Habanos Prizes Trophy and Majadahonda Prize, given by the UNEAC to artists of outstanding promise.

His works are exhibited in institutions and galleries in several parts of the world and in private collections in countries such as Germany, Spain, United States, France, Switzerland, Austria, Mexico, Italy, England, Greece, Holland, among others. Different personalities in the world own some works of the artist from HM the King from Spain to the cinema director Steven Spielberg.

He is member of the Cuban Association of Artisans and Artists (ACAA) and of the National Union of Writers and Artists from Cuba (UNEAC).

Humidors Auction 2007


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